How to play pride and joy solo on guitar

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Pride And Joy tab by Stevie Ray Vaughan

how to play pride and joy solo on guitar

Accurate video on how to play the guitar solo in Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan was the guitarist who first got me hooked on the blues. He is a blues guitarist who has it all amazing touch and feel, beautiful tone, and the ability to play at great speed. As John Mayer so succinctly put it:. He seamlessly melded the supernatural vibe of Jimi Hendrix, the intensity of Albert King, the best of British, Texas and Chicago Blues and the class and sharp shooter precision of his older brother Jimmie. Stevie is the ultimate guitar hero.

The song Pride and Joy is another example of the legendary tone of the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan. He had the band set up together, like they would on stage, and only recorded two takes of each track. Stevie was a big fan of the now legendary Howard Dumble amplifiers. Apparently, he used at least one of these in this session, as well as a couple of Fender Vibroverbs. At its heart, this is a simple tone with only a Strat into an amp, very basic.

I remember sitting at home as a teenager, on the couch playing my guitar when the news broke of his untimely death. I was a total rock head so I didn't really know of his playing but as they showed some concert footage of him playing during the newscast I was just floored.
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Pride and Joy Solo

Oh man, this is a seriously killer tune, an all time guitar favourite and I spent quite some time researching and practcing it, so I think I got it pretty close and in my own journey learning it found a few things that I really hope will help you get it down.,


Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride And Joy Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Intro


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