Are butter beans and lima beans the same

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Are lima beans and butter beans the same thing?

are butter beans and lima beans the same

It started simply enough. Bon Appetit posted a photo on their Healthyish Instagram account, a vibrant dish of butter beans, heirloom tomatoes.

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Lima beans and butter beans add a protein-packing punch to soups, stews and even summer salads. This humble legume is not only called lima or butter bean depending on the region, but also assumes a slew of other identities. Lima beans take their name after the capital of Peru, a country in which they have been cultivated for more than 7, years. They were introduced to the U. They range from pale green to beige, with a flat kidney shape, and come in two main varieties: baby lima and Fordhook. The latter is the larger and more common variety in the U. Although the Fordhook might appear to be a mature baby lima, the two are, in fact, separate varieties.

The main difference between lima beans and butter beans is that lima beans are green and small whereas butter beans are yellow and large. Lima beans and butter beans are two terms interchangeably used to describe Phaseolus lunatus, a type of beans. Meanwhile, the rest of the world calls them limas. Generally, this type of beans is flat, chewy with a mild flavor. The color of the beans varies from pea-green to off-white. Lima beans refer to flat, round beans that are light green in color and are eaten as a vegetable.

Is there a difference between lima beans and butter beans?


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  1. They are the same bean. But I've found the “butter beans” labeled as such are typically the larger beans with a somewhat more mealy texture.

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