Empires and puzzles training camp levels

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empires and puzzles training camp levels

The Training Camp is a building that serves as the primary method of To do so you spend food and recruits, along with other materials (for some levels), and in.


What is this? So there will be a chance to get 36 class emblems in almost all Classes all Classes would take 5 weeks. Birds will drop from sky as well. On rare occasions, you will get a special "colored" Monster chest instead of the normal one. These "colored" Monster chest challenges give fantastic loot - so it's unfortunate they are so rare.

I was very pleased with the GolfTec process. Feb 1, Golf instruction is available in private or group lessons for children or adults. Chart for training costs at various levels. Pet owners should ask about what kinds Summer Camp Costs and Registration ; Learn about our camp fees and basic registration requirements. Includes a break down of costs for Summer Camp,

Excuse in training 20 do not just go epic and legendary? Translated by Coppersky using Google Translate. Hi Wajoha. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the drop rates for elite and legendary training are extremely low. That is one example, but there are a bunch of players in multiple threads saying the same thing. In my opinion, elite and legendary training is worth it if the heroes you have are maxed and you are just waiting to collect enough gems to summon.

Training camps are utilized to create heroes. Each training level offers a different type of hero, with stronger/more advanced heroes being available at the higher.
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I think this means we need to re-think leveling strategy. The new advice give someone 10 heroes 2 of each color a sporting chance of being useful in a week or so! Old Advice - Get a solid Rainbow team one of every color leveled up first then get then work on other heroes depending on your fancy Titan Strikes, Raids, Challenge Events. If you don't want to be in the top of your alliance score during the alliance war, well then stick with this advice. By the way, Anchor with Seven Days Departed put together a super great hero list with recommendations for leveling. New Advice - Consider leveling up heroes in batches to 1 or 2 ascensions and then moving on to the next hero. Note that examples are after the assumptions.

This guide has two sections, the first will show you which heroes to feed and why to do that, so you will get the most out of it the second section will then give you more insights on how to get the tons of heroes to feed your main heroes, primarily which Training Camp levels are the best to use. The best way is to always feed your heroes 10 lower heroes of the same color, preferably the same hero if you have it for several reasons:. The third reason is you will save a ton of food over time. Each time you level up a hero no matter which if you use one hero or 10 heroes to do that , the price you will have to pay next time will increase. So, when feeding a 3-Star hero the first time you will spend 2, food per hero you feed, by the time you will get this 3-Star hero to Level 50 it can be more than 10, food.

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Interesting Results those were xD Edit i saw the Well enjoy : Hope you do ;. - While the training is pretty straight-forward, it should be noted that research must only be completed in one Training Camp for all camps to be able to take advantage of it assuming they are of appropriate level.

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When it comes to mixing game genres, Small Giant Games certainly came up with a strong mixture. Specifically the genres of role-playing games RPGs and match 3 puzzles are used here. The main aim is to build up your teams of heroes and use them to defeat various opponents. You do this via a match 3 puzzle game to attack with. At the same time, build up your city to support and improve your teams of heroes. But the real catch to it all is the randomness of the game. However, with so much randomness built in, you can defeat higher level opponents.






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  1. The game can be divided into 3 parts: puzzle 3 in a row, leveling heroes, building a castle and adjacent buildings.

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