Eric clapton and duane allman

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Eric Clapton Tells How a Guitar Solo Brought Him and Duane Allman Together | VIDEO

eric clapton and duane allman

Late Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks recalled the moment Duane Allman added five notes to Eric Clapton's Derek and the.

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On this day in , Eric Clapton played the first of two nights with the Allman Brothers Band, the emotional and musical climax of an incredible 40th anniversary Beacon run. I was in the house for night one, one of the handful of most exciting concerts of my life. So my hopes were very high for this, and I knew exactly how much it meant to everyone in the Allman Brothers, especially Warren, a died-in-the-wool EC fanatic in his younger days. The excitement around this show was contagious and the joint was buzzing and hopping long before Clapton took the stage. The tension and the energy just kept building and after a few more songs, Clapton strolled out.

As he had some free time at the end of August, Dowd agreed to set up the dates. Later, he mentioned the call to Duane Allman. Dowd didn't know that Clapton had be one of Duane's heroes, that his style had been transformed by Clapton's work with the Yardbirds. Not long after Dowd's sessions with Clapton kicked off, Duane called down to Criteria and told the producer that the Allman Brothers would be in Miami the following week for a concert. He asked if he could stop by the studio and meet Eric.

Eric Clapton vividly recalls when he first heard the guitar solo that he still 'It's a guy called Skydog Allman—Duane Allman,' ” Clapton recalls.
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Not only was he one of the best blues guitarists of his time, but his band that carried his namesake will go down as one of the most legendary bands in the world. Duane Allman was known for his ripping guitar solos and his archetypal slide style that is still mimicked today. Allman started out in music by playing in various bands with his brother Gregg, as well as others throughout the years. He quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the recording studio and producers and labels often fought over him. In fact, it was in the Muscle Shoals studio in Alabama where he and his brother met the members that would eventually form the Allman Brothers Band.

Eric Clapton vividly recalls when he first heard the guitar solo that he still considers his favorite. It was and he was driving with his car radio on when a mid-tempo soul tune began playing. It was a new cover of it by singer Wilson Pickett, who Clapton knew was recording for Atlantic, the label that released his own records in the United States. The guitarist who so impressed Clapton was a young hotshot session player who at the time was unknown outside of the southern rock, blues and soul scene. In the next two years, however, he would become famous not only with his own group but also with Clapton himself in Derek and the Dominos for their classic album, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs , released November 9,

Allman, Duane

Duane Allman learned to play guitar in the early s. One Christmas, he received a Harley motorcycle and his younger brother, Gregg received a guitar.


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