Church of god and saints of christ washington dc

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church of god and saints of christ washington dc

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Advanced Search. Great men have made history. Sometimes one man stands out so clearly that history becomes the story of one. Elijah the Prophet. Active Leader

The congregation later established locations in Cuba and the West Indies. Bishop W. Presently different beliefs are practiced by other organizations who claim to be followers of Bishop William Crowdy. A main branch of the organization, headquarters in Belleville, VA, gravitated towards Judaism after the death of Bishop William Crowdy. On the other hand, another main branch, headquarters in Cleveland, OH, claims adherence to the founder's original teachings of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

William Saunders Crowdy August 11, — August 4, was an American soldier, preacher, entrepreneur, theologian, and pastor. As one of the earliest Hebrew Israelites in the United States, he established the Church of God and Saints of Christ in after he claimed to have had visions telling him "that Blacks were descendants of the ten lost tribes of Israel. His mother, Sarah Ann, was a cook, which often got her access to the "big house" despite her status as a slave. Crowdy was originally called "Wilson" by his overseer. Crowdy was born in a one-room slave cabin near the Patuxent River in the middle of a violent nighttime thunderstorm.

William Saunders Crowdy

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Fletcher Chapel (Church of God and Saints of Christ)



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  2. One of the oldest surviving houses of worship in the city, representative of the early city's simple wood frame architecture; rare surviving example of the romantic, picturesque design principles popularized by landscape architect Andrew Jackson Downing in the ante-bellum period; site of the founding meeting June 23, of the Anti-Saloon League, an important Temperance organization influential in achieving passage of the 18th Amendment to the U.

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