Poet who wrote fortune and love favor the brave

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poet who wrote fortune and love favor the brave

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The slogan has been used historically in the military in the Anglosphere , and it is used up to the present in the US Army and on the coats of arms of individual families and clans. Fortune favours the bold is the translation of a Latin proverb, which exists in several forms with slightly different wording but effectively identical meaning, such as audentes Fortuna iuvat , [1] audentes Fortuna adiuvat , Fortuna audaces iuvat , and audentis Fortuna iuvat. This last is used by Turnus , an antagonist in the Aeneid. Pliny the Younger quotes his uncle, Pliny the Elder , as using the phrase when deciding to take his fleet and investigate the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 , in the hope of helping his friend Pomponianus : " 'Fortes' inquit 'fortuna iuvat: Pomponianum pete. The Latin phrase Fortuna Eruditis Favet "fortune favours the prepared mind" is also used. It may be a rewording of: Boldness is the beginning of action.

In the early twentieth century, a teenage Greek girl in Constantinople loses both her parents and, together with her younger sister, gets thrown into a massive population exchange between Greece and Turkey. She ends up in a refugee camp in northern Greece. She meets and marries a young lawyer from a historic and tragic Macedonian family. Her story extends through a century of war and peace and is peppered with likable characters, horrific events, and a love story. Among the protagonists are two strong women, a charming and indomitable man, and a smart but sickly kid. Now and again her drive, perseverance, and common sense will save the day and reward her with happiness, which nevertheless will come and go like interludes of sunshine in otherwise endlessly stormy weather. Nicholas A.

Fortune and love favor the brave.

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Poet who wrote ‘Fortune and love favor the brave’ crossword clue

He was a contemporary of the older Virgil and Horace, with whom he is often ranked as one of the three canonical poets of Latin literature. The Imperial scholar Quintilian considered him the last of the Latin love elegists. He enjoyed enormous popularity, but, in one of the mysteries of literary history, was sent by Augustus into exile in a remote province on the Black Sea, where he remained until his death. Ovid himself attributes his exile to carmen et error, "a poem and a mistake", but his discretion in discussing the causes has resulted in much speculation among scholars. First appearance deceives many. Love and dignity cannot share the same abode.





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