How do climate and vegetation affect life on earth

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Vegetation: Its Role in Weather and Climate

how do climate and vegetation affect life on earth

How does climate change affect animals? - Global Ideas

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These areas have distinct types of plants, soil , and weather patterns. Vegetation regions can be divided into five major types: forest , grassland , tundra , desert , and ice sheet. Climate , soil, the ability of soil to hold water, and the slope , or angle, of the land all determine what types of plants will grow in a particular region. Forests are areas with trees grouped in a way so their leaves, or foliage , shade the ground. Forests can be found just about anywhere trees can grow, from below sea level to high in the mountains. From tropical rain forests near the Equator to boreal forests in cold climates close to the Arctic Circle , different types of forests can be found all over the world. One way to classify different types of forests is by the type of trees a forest has.

Patrick Gonzalez measuring a white fir tree in Tahoe National Forest, field site of ongoing vegetation shift research. Anne Pinckard photo. Vegetation around the world is on the move, and climate change is the culprit, according to a new analysis of global vegetation shifts led by a University of California, Berkeley, ecologist in collaboration with researchers from the U. Department of Agriculture Forest Service. In a paper published today in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography , researchers present evidence that over the past century, vegetation has been gradually moving toward the poles and up mountain slopes, where temperatures are cooler, as well as toward the equator, where rainfall is greater.

Vegetation covers a considerable portion of the earth and has an effect on weather and climate.
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The plant community in an area is the most sensitive indicator of climate. Areas with moderate to high temperatures and abundant rainfall throughout the year are heavily forested unless humans have cleared the land for agriculture! Areas with somewhat less rainfall are mainly grasslands, which are called prairies in North America. Humans have converted grasslands into rich agricultural areas around the world. Even in areas with high yearly rainfall, trees are scarce if there is not much rainfall during the warm growing season.

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Vegetation is a general term for the plant life of a region; it refers to the ground cover provided by plants, and is, by far, the most abundant biotic element of the biosphere. First, vegetation regulates the flow of numerous biogeochemical cycles, most critically those of water, carbon, and nitrogen; it is also of great importance in local and global energy balances. -




Vegetation covers a considerable portion of the earth and has an effect on I should already be familiar with: Evapotranspiration and Evaporation, Earth's They affect weather and climate mostly through evapotranspiration and albedo.
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