New mexico game and fish

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Big-Game and Draw Hunts

new mexico game and fish

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Forest Service, in addition to some State lands, are open to hunting in New Mexico. There are three main types of hunting available in New Mexico -- upland game bird, small game, and big game for example, deer, antelope, and elk. Varmint non-game hunting also is allowed. It is extremely important to hunt only on lands where it is legally allowed. Private land is open to hunting only if you have the permission of the land owner. If you do not have permission to hunt, you are trespassing and can be prosecuted. It is your responsibility to know of any hunting restrictions and where they apply.

On average each one of them is responsible for 1, square miles of territory. State game wardens employed with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish are commissioned as certified peace officers and have a great deal of expertise in wildlife and fish management and the investigation of wildlife crimes. As law enforcement officials, they are primarily responsible for enforcing the following suite of state laws:. The requirements to become a game warden for the state of New Mexico and the federal government differ quite a bit and are shown below. The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish sets high standards for those who seek jobs as state fish and game wardens. Positions are posted online for approximately three weeks, and applicants must apply during this time frame. The requirements to become a federal game warden include meeting the basic standards for becoming a federal law enforcement officer.

Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Gain access to useful information in the palm of your hand. You will be able to locate New Mexico's fishing and wilderness sites and gain immediate access to rules and regulations, important permits and licensing details and you can even report your harvest within the app. In addition, advanced GPS technology enhances your trips, allowing you to record trails, use waypoints and photo waypoints, and keep track of your favorite spots.

Ibex are one of the big game that can be hunted in New Mexico. You can hunt bear, cougar, ibex, Barbary sheep and more. To get a license to hunt certain game in New Mexico, you must not only apply but also win their lottery drawing system that awards licenses. The goal is to award 78 percent of the licenses to residents, 12 percent to nonresidents who are contracted with an outfitter and 10 percent to nonresidents who have not contracted with an outfitter, according to New Mexico Game and Fish. Applications submitted for the drawing are shuffled and randomly assigned a number.

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

How to Become a Game Warden in New Mexico

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has been issuing extra licenses for bighorn sheep and other high-demand species to outfitted hunters and nonresidents while commonly failing to give the required percentage of licenses to resident hunters. They push the limits of the law, they do funny math, they do whatever they can to issue as many outfitted and nonresident permits as possible. Many other states are far less generous to nonresident hunters. Arizona, for example, requires a minimum of 90 percent of licenses go to residents and sets aside no licenses for outfitted hunters. The New Mexico law provides detailed instructions on how to calculate the allocation of licenses among the three groups — resident hunters, outfitted hunters and nonresident hunters — in cases where the percentage calculation fails to yield a round number. The law specifies that when percentage number allocated to a group is five-tenths or greater, the number of licenses issued should be rounded up to the next full number.

These professionals are certified peace officers with a great deal of expertise in wildlife and fish management along with the investigation of wildlife crimes. In addition to laws that govern game, fish, and outdoor recreation, these officers are also responsible for enforcing laws for off-highway vehicles, criminal trespass, negligent use of a firearm, and illegal dumping and littering. This in itself is a challenge, since the state has habitats ranging from desert to alpine. The combination of wildlife expertise and law enforcement appeals to a lot of men and women, both those with a background in conservation and in law enforcement. Therefore, the competition for these positions can be fierce. Candidates who understand the selection process, qualifications, and requirements of the New Mexico Department of Fish and Game are in the best position to showcase their qualifications. Read on to determine which qualifications are most helpful to game warden applicants in New Mexico.

Check the section for each species to be sure of eligibility requirements, license fees and exceptions to the information and procedures outlined in this document. Customers can pay for applications online with a credit card or electronic check, and in person at NMDGF offices by credit card, check or cash. All hunters wishing to purchase or apply for any big game or turkey license must first purchase an annual game-hunting license or combination game-hunting and fishing license and Habitat Management and Access Validation if 18 or older through the draw application process. By itself, a game-hunting license is valid for hunting all small game migratory and upland game birds and squirrels. The purchase of a game-hunting and fishing license is valid for fishing in addition to hunting small game. Junior, senior, handicapped and military game-hunting and fishing licenses are also available for NM residents who qualify. Applicants will NOT be able to edit their applications in any way once their application has been paid for; they will only be able to delete.

How to Become a Fish and Game Warden in New Mexico

The NMDGF undertakes protection, conservation and propagation, and regulates the use of game and fish to ensure there is an adequate supply for recreation and food. Territorial legislature created what would become the game department in With New Mexico statehood , the Legislature created the Department of Game and Fish by name, and in Legislature created a three-member commission. Five of the members represent different geographical areas of the state. The Director runs the department, a scientific wildlife resource management organization that largely steers clear of politics other than implementing the Commission's rulings.

Buy a license and more with Online Licensing :. Draw results for Sandhill crane and pheasant permits are now available. Do not hunt without a valid tag. We also offer online course options for New Mexico residents 11 years of age or older. The 18th Annual Dragonfly Festival will be held Sept. The Department of Game and Fish will have a fishing pond, archery range, poach coach and wildlife identification information on site.





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