Cindy and rick storage wars

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Cindy Hayden, ‘Storage Wars’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

cindy and rick storage wars

Storage Wars Canada

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She, herself hoped to become a professional athlete growing up. I was a long distance runner and well-known in my field. I received many trophies and medals in my day as a runner. She started picking at age Cindy was influenced by her brother-in-law, who held yard sales, dumpster dived, and garbage picked. The chaos at an auction is familiar for Cindy; she grew up with seven brothers and sisters.

On the Canadian version of the hit U. Like on the U. The difference, says Hayden, is a distinctly Canadian state of mind. Although there are no friends at the auctions, Rick and I have a lot of fun. Last season, we filmed on some of the coldest days of the year and you really had to bundle up and stay focused.

In the Canadian version of the Storage Wars, the show was always on air amidst any weather situations. So, participants got a chance to work in any climatic conditions. Cindy was on the show with her husband, and together they were called as veterans. They were fierce competitors of the storage locker auction scene and popular as aggressive bidders. Her family migrated to Ontario, Canada when she was at the age of six. Before moving to Canada, her father was a professional hockey player.

The series followed a group of buyers looking to strike it big by buying storage units at auctions when rent is not paid. It was the first international version of the Storage Wars franchise. Storage Wars Canada was announced on April 3, , with production beginning the following month. As with the other shows in the franchise, the narrator played by Martin Yap sets the scene for the series: "When storage units are abandoned, in the Great White North, the treasures within go up for auction. In the opening titles that follow a re-arranged version of the Storage Wars theme, "Money Owns This Town", performed by Bedtracks plays. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved September 11,

Cindy Hayden is a television celebrity known for her role in the reality series Storage Wars Canada which aired from to Yes they Drive they have a Pickup Truck. In fact Cindy has given me a ride before I. Cindy looks and acts like a meth head why would you put her on a show Will not watch a show with druggy on it. Your email address will not be published. See details below.


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