Update on steven and justin my 600 pound life

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PHOTOS The Assanti Brothers confirm My 600 Lb Life Part 4 for later in 2019

update on steven and justin my 600 pound life

Here's what brothers Justin and Steven Assanti look like today. As any fan of My lb Life knows, the Assanti brothers are some of the most "If we could please get an update on the Assanti brothers that would be.

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The most controversial story in My Lb Life history is getting another chapter. Like, for example, this one. Pretty much all of the viewer ire has been and continues to be directed at Steven. So it was perhaps fitting that Justin, after also suffering through a widespread rumor that he had died , confirmed earlier this year that his second Where Are They Now? In a Reddit thread earlier this year, Justin said that he expects Part 4 of his My Lb Life journey to air later in Steven Assanti caused a fair number of double takes when he got married last year.

Well, fans asked and TLC answered! The brothers will be featured for the fourth time on TLC series. Steven is probably one of the most controversial stars that My lb Life has ever seen. By controversial, we really mean that although My lb Life fans have trouble agreeing on a lot of things, everyone is pretty much on the same page that Steven is the worst. Over the course of the years we've been following his weight-loss journey, we've watched as he secretly binged through takeout while pretending to undergo Dr. Now's strict diet regimen , whined the entire time, threw tantrums, and even manipulate Dr. Now's staff into enabling his painkiller addiction.

Life in the past, are once again the subjects of tonight's episode. The promo above shows the Assanti brothers, who have had a tense relationship in the past, video-chatting online. Justin tells Steven that he thinks he is finally ready to move to Houston to get the same weight loss surgery that Steven had done, but that he has to meet the goal that Dr. I want to be done and move back up here to Rhode Island and get as far away from Steven again as possible. Steven and Justin Assanti talk via video-chat online. The Assanti brothers have remained one of the most popular subjects of the TLC series for several years, although Steven is definitely been a controversial subject on the show.

The Assanti brothers are the most unforgettable duo to appear on My Lb. No one has challenged Dr. Younan Nowzaradan like Steven or Justin. The Season 7 episode kicks off with Steven. After previously battling an addiction to prescription drugs, Steven successfully underwent weight loss surgery.

MY 600 LB LIFE Steven Assanti update on feud with Justin, pet neglect accusations

There's a reason why TLC has continued to follow Steven Assanti and his journey to a healthier life: He's always almost always shocking viewers. -


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