Sword and scale tv show

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Ben Silverman Pick Ups Two More Podcasts to Be Adapted for TV (EXCLUSIVE)

sword and scale tv show

Sword and Scale Episode 100 - FULL


No television or streaming partners have been announced just yet; though Up and Vanished is expected to be marketed to streaming services Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Silverman spoke exclusively with Variety , and offered information on both projects:. The show and website were launched January 1st, and feature stories of murder, abduction, rape and even more bizarre forms of crime. Lindsey is currently seeking funding for a second season, which would investigate a new case:. Follow along as host Payne Lindsey, a documentarian turned amateur investigator, examines old case evidence, re-interviews persons of interest and uncovers new leads; while guiding listeners through his real time investigation. A recent break in the case may have given us more questions than answers, and the main question still remains. Counting John Cusack as his pop culture "spirit animal," his "word fu" stays strong as he continues trying really hard to be the sheppard

Owens launched as a series at Amazon and which received strong reviews. Silverman told Variety about the next two podcast -to-TV projects. In the show, host Payne Lindsey investigated the disappearance of high school teacher Tara Grinstead, unearthing new evidence that prompted arrests in the case. Lindsey is now seeking funding for a second season of his show, which would focus on another cold case. Night Shyamalan, Julian [ Gordon Bressack, a prolific Emmy-winning writer of animated television series, has died. He was

Log in. Sign up. Sword and Scale Incongruity. Subscribe to this podcast. The Sword and Scale true-crime podcast is an immersive audio experience covering the dark side of humanity and human nature. Our stories delve into the worst of the worst and include murder, rape, dismemberment and cannibalism.

Boudet will be replacing Tricia Griffith , who hosted the show for seven episodes and who will now be focusing on her true-crime forum WebSleuths. The headliner change will also coincide with the public re-release of all Griffith-hosted episodes, this time with Boudet narrating. Mike Boudet's stepped away from the show in March after an off-color joke that was reposted on Sword and Scale's Instagram account, triggering an advertiser Boycott of the show. Boudet has often publicly rallied against political correctness, which has angered many of his critics. The public pressure from the boycott which originated on Twitter and Facebook, was enough to pressure podcast network Wondery to part ways with Incongruity, Sword and Scale's parent company. Since Sword and Scale's host change in March, Incongruity has been inundated with tweets, emails, voicemails and direct messages from fans asking for Boudet's return. Sword and Scale catapulted to success in as the very first podcasts of its kind, an immersive storytelling experience that puts the listener in the middle of a real-life true crime tragedy using calls, police interrogations, courtroom audio, and more.

COVER STORY: After some revolting comments, people are boycotting one of the most popular podcasts.

The bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Mike Boudet, had over a million downloads in its first year and regularly ranked at the top of the iTunes charts. The podcast is still going strong. The Boudet drama first kicked off when reports surfaced of predatory, and downright creepy, comments towards female fans.

However, having his own platform and multiple sources of funding for the podcast has allowed Boudet to withstand the pressure from this online outrage mob, keep Sword and Scale going while it was under attack, and ultimately return to doing what he loves. Boudet started hosting Sword and Scale in January and continued as host until February This led to Sword and Scale being dropped by Wondery and initially seemed to have resulted in the free version of the show being canceled, with Boudet saying on March 9, that Sword and Scale PLUS , a premium version of the podcast that is exclusively for people who support the show through the fan-funding platform Patreon, would remain but the free version of the show would be going away. However, on March 18, , Sword and Scale announced that the free version of the show, along with Sword and Scale Rewind, This is War, and Monstruo, would all be continuing with their current schedules. The announcement also said that Boudet had decided to take a break from the hosting the free version of the show and that Tricia Griffith, a veteran broadcaster and owner of the true crime forum Websleuths, would be the new host of Sword and Scale while Boudet focused on the content for paid supporters on Patreon.


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