Americas dirty work migrant maids and modern day slavery

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Response to “America’s Dirty Work” by Joy M. Zarembka

americas dirty work migrant maids and modern day slavery

Breaking the shackles of modern-day slavery - Cameron Harris - TEDxUGA

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In past history, it is certainly difficult to hear and read about slavery, abuse of power, and how humans were treated so badly years ago during the height of slavery. It does not seem like it was ever abolished d in 19th century, slavery still exists today. There are many different characteristics that distinguish slavery from other human rights violations, however only one needs to be present for slavery to exist. Contemporary slavery takes various forms and affects people of all ages, gender and races. Although its modern forms are different, when we talk about slavery we do not use a metaphor. In the chapter, Migrant-Maids and Modern-Day Slavery, reading the horrifying stories of different migrant domestic workers and the abuse they endured through at the hands of employers, while the migrant maids still kept hope of a better life, not just for them but for their families back home. To know that this type of inhumane behavior still occurs is baffling.

I also wanted to ensure that the quality of blog entries was high. When I checked out a website on a related topic in a Canadian context, I found that…. If you want to discuss this further, please email me at….. Zarembka, Joy M. Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Russell Hoshschild. NY: Henry Holt,

By: Joy M. Zarembka, Joy M. Ehrenreich, Barbara, and Arlie R. New York: Metropolitan Books, NGO, non-governmental organizations.

I had no idea that issues such as women working in homes for little pay and not able to see their families had made a way into modern world. Yes I definitely had learned of it in the past but to see it still happening just opened my eyes especially when we were in the BCC and had learned about immigration. I definitely notice my little knapsack a little more after reading about the lives of these women, watching it, and even having someone tell me of their own personal experiences. It is so unfortunate what these mothers, sister, wives have to go through in order to provide better for their families. Tagged: Week 13 readings. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

Chapter: America's Dirty Work: Migrant Maids and Modern-Day Slavery

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