Stories of people who went to hell and came back

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Reddit users reveal what they saw when they almost DIED… and one claims he went to HELL

stories of people who went to hell and came back

Man Says He Went to Hell and Back

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Alan W. This is the second post in a two part series; you can read the first part here. Since we know beyond any doubt that the Bible is an absolutely reliable guide to the afterlife, it would be reasonable for us to maintain a healthy skepticism about alleged experiences that deviate from the biblical pattern, even when such experiences do not contradict the Bible outright. Consider heaven. What are some of the characteristics of these experiences and the way in which the authors report them? First, there are very few biblical writers who recount such experiences. That alone should give us pause.

In April , as Hutu extremists launched the campaign of mass killing that would come to be known as the Rwandan genocide , year-old Rebecca Umwali took refuge with her parents and siblings in their local Catholic church. This time that promise turned out to be a cruel hoax. Once the church was full, an ethnic Hutu militia attacked. Rebecca survived only because the body of a tall woman fell on top of her, hiding her from the killers. For days afterwards she hid herself in a tree, emerging only at night to forage for food in the ruins of her village.

Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Recently, a high school student in Fort Worth, Texas was running laps in gym class when he suddenly collapsed. His heart stopped for almost 20 minutes. During that time, he claims to have seen a figure with wavy hair and a beard, whom he immediately recognized as Jesus.

Jim Woodford, a retired pilot from Canada, has an amazing testimony about leaving this earth while he was brain dead for 11 hours and seeing heaven and hell. Jim was not a Christian before this experience and even considered religion a crutch. But after the incredible journey that he went on, his life has been changed forever and he is now a believer. When Jim reflects on his earlier life, he realizes that his focus was always on wealth and material things. I foolishly interpreted that as meaning that I needed a faster plane, a bigger car, a larger boat. Several years ago, Jim woke up in the middle of the night and his arms and legs were numb. The doctors diagnosed him with a disease called Guillain-Barre.

3 people who died but came back to life

Life after death: These people died and went to HELL following a near death experience

Ray Thomas sold drugs, did time in prison and went on the run for seven years before attempting to take his own life. He believes he died, experienced hell, and came back to life. He told Christian Today about his journey to faith, and how he's now mobilising young people to be the change in their communities. I have a wonderful wife, a gorgeous daughter, a job I love and a wonderful relationship with the Lord," he says. Thomas left home as a teenager and began experimenting with drugs. When he moved onto selling them, he ended up in prison and spent a year in jail; an experience he says was "horrible".

In a vision, Jesus took me to Hell. It was like a terrible, life-changing accident. You know how when an accident happens, you keep replaying over in your mind what you could have done differently? I have replayed August 28 th over and over at least 1, times, if not more. Why did this happen to me? Many of them are unimportant, but I have memorized them nonetheless. I have looked for every little decision or detail that resulted in the worst day of my entire life—and possibly the most life-giving day for myself.

PEOPLE who have been clinically dead and resuscitated have shared their experiences in a Reddit forum - and some of their anecdotes are seriously unsettling. The topic, '[Serious] People who have been clinically dead and came back, how was the other side like? Serious replies only' was posted four days ago, and has had responses. Sadly for people worried about what happens when they close their eyes for the final time, it's not all tunnels of light and David Bowie singing a welcome song at the pearly gates Juninikun wrote: "About twenty years ago, I purposefully OD on alot of meds. However, there were more familiar accounts of near death experiences, with plenty of anecdotes about feeling weightless and feeling like they were rising upwards. However, some posters were more in depth with their responses, and even shared some incredible stories that were life changing for both the person who died and their loved ones.

People of all religions debate whether hell is real, but for all the people on this list, the question is not up for discussion. This list is full of people who have gone to hell apparently , and came back to tell everyone that it is a place you never, ever want to end up. -


Carl Knighton knows what hell is like because he says he went there after he “ Platoon leader meaning Platoon sergeant and squad leader would come to me I saw the hand of God snatch me out of hell and my spirit went back into my body. tell the story not a story but a true testimony of how awesome God is if people.
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  1. He was struck in the back of the head with a 9mm bullet. Before But hell stories circulate most prominently among various stripes of evangelical “Roughly one out of every three people who come close to death will have.

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