Shen yue and connor leong

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Connor Leong

shen yue and connor leong

KanYeu - Connor Leong and Shen Yue. 5K likes. Artist.

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The stream was then made available to everyone the day after. Two episodes were released per day on a Monday to Wednesday basis. It is also available globally on Netflix , except for Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. The story centers around an ordinary girl, Dong Shan Cai Shen Yue , who is accepted into the most prestigious university in the country, Ming De University. Shan Cai is a girl from a family that barely makes ends meet. Due to the nature of her personality, she immediately clashes with F4, an elite clique composed of the four most popular boys in the institution, especially its spoiled, rich and arrogant leader - Dao Ming Si Dylan Wang.

I was very skeptical going into this drama. I have very mixed feelings regarding that anime and beloved Kdrama. I saw Meteor Garden gaining popularity on my newsfeed and it interested me enough to add it to my watch list on Netflix, but I just never seemed to actually want to click on it to watch it. I had no idea what it was about, I just knew it was popular. The F4 consist of the four most handsome, intelligent and wealthy students at the school who have been friends since childhood. Through misfortune, fate, destiny whatever you want to call it , the female lead gets on wrong side of the leader of the F4, and he sets out to make her life miserable. But she stands up to him, and he ends up falling in love with her and pursues her until she eventually falls in love with him.

During her Sophomore, Shen Yue who like photography makes her met a lot of photographer friends. Then some accident happen who leads she to entertainment industry. While she in a shooting, the model can not come to the shoot location because of some unknown incident, so Shen became a replacement, and she was temporarily shot to shoot out but The photo unexpectedly really good. The photo then post on the Internet, it attracted the attention of her agent, then invited Shen to Beijing to interview. In this chance, Shen and non-performing brokerage firm successfully signed professional background, and then she start her acting career. Based on the interview not as bright as Chen Xiao Xi her character in A love so beautiful. Shen Yue who actually has the kind of girl next door type girl.

One of the F4 Official RPA Of #ConnorLeong Under @AsianovelaRP of @ KpmlyaAsianvela for [] TV Patrol interview with Shen Yue with F4 ?.
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Um are you new to cdrama? This drama literally just just announced the casting less than one month ago, obviously theres no promotion yet. What do you expect? Its the same goes to other cdramas whos been lowkey in production, if you actually paid extra attention to other dramas,and notjust to drama you care about. Another Me isnt special duh. For now of course you can only rely on fanpics.

In , four tall, dashing college students and let's not forget their long, flyaway hairstyles and a uniquely headstrong leading lady who wasn't afraid to stand up against her bullies took TV viewers across the Asian region by storm. Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden, based on the Japanese manga series Hana Yori Dango, revolved around four popular, rich friends, collectively named F4, and a new student at the university, Shan Cai, who comes from a family of little means. Refusing to bow down to the group's domineering ways, Shan Cai stands up against its hotheaded leader Dao Ming Si, which unexpectedly causes him to fall for her. The episode series was so successful it even spawned a sequel, Meteor Garden II. Although, personally, it wasn't as memorable as the first season.

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[ENGSUB] Shen Yue & Connor Leong on Happy Camp

Liang Jing Kang aka Connor Leong (born January 3, ) is a Chinese Actor from Leong was rumored to be in a relationship with his girlfriend Shen Yue.
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  1. Years ago, the story of four handsome boys and a tough girl swept through Asia earning droves of fans: Meteor Garden.

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