Jeffree star and lipstick nick tour

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jeffree star and lipstick nick tour


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I was working at the mall and would see his clothing line at Hot Topic printed with his name and the ever classic eyelash curler. When we went on break, I removed it and changed it to a more natural lip. We waited in line for a bit longer than expected, but the wait only made all of us in attendance more excited for what was to come. They distributed handshakes and hugs with a big smile on their faces. Both of them were warm, welcoming and sincerely thankful we were there to learn from them.

Eventbrite - Lipsticknick presents "Behind the Brush" with Jeffree Star.
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Saturday morning started off well with waking up before my alarm at am, I was too excited to return to bed but still managed to lay there snuggling with my cat Norris yes he is wearing a shirt and my husband. You can read a review on First Aid Beauty Products here After allowing my moisturizer time to soak into my skin I started applying my makeup. I kept the galaxy theme going with my makeup as well. As I was walking to the school I was looking at my phone to make sure I was going the right way, I turned onto LaSalle St and looked up. I had to do a double take because walking right towards me was my idol Jeffree Star with Lipstick Nick not far behind!

Phoenix and Denver we are heading your way! Phoenix, AZ October 5th Denver, CO October 12th behindthebrushdenversat. Come see us tonight on our block! Come see us! Join us tomorrow night for our weekly Pregame Pout!

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