Naruto and fuu love fanfiction

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naruto and fuu love fanfiction

Blind Love - A Naruto Fanfic


AN: This is one of the stories I have been writing for your entertainment. It has a more mature Naruto, who isn't just some idiot who uses clones all the time. He has skills in wind release and has water and earth release. Because of this, he can do wood release. He is going to be paired with Fuu, and, just red the story and give me waffles.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Kishimoto is the owner of Naruto. I am taking off the timeline and tweaking like most authors. This is a time travel fic and will have a several changes in it along the canon timeline. Please let me know what you think. Currently it will be a Naruto Fu story unlike most of my stories. Fu approached the crater wearily. She had seen something falling through the air and it impacted the ground with an earthshattering crash.

See More by LamiaVerbena. Featured in collections. NaruFu by Ccebling. Featured in groups See All. Commission: Naruto, Fuu and their children. Visual Art Original Work Traditional. Commission for [link].

As Naruto embarks on his three year trip, a single argument and a chance and how I developed the story and Naruto and Fuu's relationship.
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Hey, all you readers and writers out there. X here with the remake of my personal favorite of the three stories I've written so far: Naruto: Nine and Seven. I hope fans of the original enjoy this new version even more. Looking back at the earlier chapters of the first version, I found myself extremely unstatisfied with the writing and how I developed the story and Naruto and Fuu's relationship. I hope to correct my past mistakes and make this one more serious than the original.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any other shows I may later make references to. I started writing, picturing a simple concept, and it kinda ran away from me. I hope you all enjoy it. Anyway, I couldn't remember the exact ages, of the characters, but according to the dub Naruto should be about, or at least almost, 18 by his return to Konoha. Fu, to me, looks to be about Naruto's age…maybe a year or two older.

Hey, this is X here with a new story. It's been a long time, over a year actually, since I've written anything. To those who read my other story, a Bleach story called 'Shattered Fates' I apologize for going so long with no updates.



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