Fell on my knee and its swollen and painful

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8 Home Remedies to Reduce Knee Swelling Quickly

fell on my knee and its swollen and painful

Or you have swelling and fluid buildup in your knee after a fall. The doctor will look at where your knee hurts — whether the pain is in the.


Knee swelling happens when fluid collects in or around the joint of a knee. Another term for a swollen knee is knee effusion or water on the knee. If knee swelling persists for more than three days, if swelling worsens, or if you experience severe pain alongside the swelling, seek the advice of a medical professional. The first step is to rest the knee. Avoid sports and other weight-bearing activities for 24 hours or more to give your knee a break and a chance to heal. This will help the knee maintain a range of motion.

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The knee is one of the joints most prone to injury. Its structure and many components put it at risk of many types of injuries, which can result in knee pain or loss of function. Sometimes a knee injury happens suddenly as a result of the knee being hit, fallen on, twisted or moved beyond its intended range of motion. At other times, knee injuries happen slowly. For example, a problem such as a leg-length discrepancy or arthritis in the hip that causes you to walk awkwardly can throw off the alignment of the knee, leading to damage. Constant stress to the knee — from sports or jobs that require bending and lifting, for example — can cause joint cartilage to wear down over time. Meniscal Injuries.

View image. A bruised knee is an injury that causes pain and usually discoloration in your patella. Patella is the medical term for kneecap. A bruised knee is also called a patellar contusion. A bruised kneecap occurs from a direct injury to your kneecap. This usually happens from falling onto your knee or by being hit by an object.

We respect your privacy. I fell on the sidewalk about a month ago and skinned and bruised my knee. I went home, iced my knee, and put Bactine and Neosporin on it. I had a lot of pain in my knee. I noticed there is swelling around my kneecap. It looks like fluid inside.

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Turns out, those bumps and bruises might be your least concern when it comes to your serious knee injury. But, the reality is, exercise injuries are far more common than we think. - Your doctor is likely to start with a detailed history and physical examination.

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  1. Pain, bruising, or swelling may be severe and develop within minutes of the such as a falling on the knee, a severe twisting motion, severe force that bends the.

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