Pride and prejudice soundtrack 1995

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Pride and Prejudice theme: Carl Davis

pride and prejudice soundtrack 1995

Pride and Prejudice () - Opening Title Music. by SoundtrackStream. As much as I like Kiera Knightley, 's Pride and Prejudice is.

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A neo-classical score that has continued to captivate listeners for more than a decade. Carl Davis made his name writing music for television dramas and in a wide variety of styles for the Thames Silents series - classic silent movies fully restored with complete, through-composed scores. The urgent, quick tempo theme is a delightfully whimsical, neo-classical confection, fully evocative of Jane Austen's era. French horns play hunting calls, depicting the hunting scenes of Bingley and Darcy. The Septet was extremely popular at the turn of the century and possibly continued its popularity when Austen completed her work.

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One of the devices she uses to round out and illustrate her characters is music, but as is typical for our Jane, she does not tell us what songs, or what composers her characters favor, but leaves us to our imaginations to decide what is played. Enter the movie industry! It is no longer necessary to guess what a well-dressed gentleman would look like in the stories or what a Regency ball gown looks like, and the most recent films the past 25 years have made great efforts to not only have the costumes reflect the the personalities of the characters and their place in society, but to also be correct for the era being filmed. Movie-goers and readers have become much more demanding of historically correct appearance, attitudes and even music in their entertainment and a jarring detail may bump the audience out of the world of the story when they should be immersed in it. The original score was written by and works very well with the characters.

It has been more than ten years since we have fallen in love with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle in their roles as Darcy and Elizabeth, and though five other versions of Pride and Prejudice grace my video shelves, this presentation, to most of us Janites, is universally acknowledged as the quintessential version. Three kinds of music appear throughout this production. The second class of music is that of the English Country Dance that we hear as the Bennets attend various social gatherings. The third type f music is that group of 18th century songs and piano compositions performed by the characters themselves. Examples of vocal music include a beloved, and in this case, a butchered aria by Handel, a song by Hadyn, and a well known opera aria by Mozart.

Music in Film: Pride and Prejudice 1995


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  1. I cannot find what is the name of the music which orchestra plays when Jane, Mister Bingly and Elizabeth come in into the Netherfield ball room and it ends when Elizabeth introduce Mister Collins to Charlotte.

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