Difference between 9mm and 9mm luger

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Dumb question. Can the 9mm XD chamber 9mm luger rounds?

difference between 9mm and 9mm luger

So, that's the difference. 9mm Parabellum, 9x19mm Parabellum and 9mm Luger are all the same cartridge; 9mm NATO is just a specific loading.

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Any conversation about cartridge comparisons, especially when talking about handgun cartridges, comes up there is a good chance that at least one of the two cartridges we are discussing in this article come up. Both are entrenched in culture and known to those who are pretty far removed from the shooting world in general. In this article, we are going to put the ballistic and other performance specs of these two cartridges next to each other. Not with the intention of trying to imply one cartridge is better than the other but to give you an unbiased look at these two cartridges are similar and different. Too many articles look to prove one cartridge as better than the other when in truth, every cartridge has areas where it excels.

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Log in or Sign up. Springfield XD Forum. Dumb question. Can the 9mm XD chamber 9mm luger rounds? Mar 19, 1. I am not a big 9mm fan, so my knowledge on this round is limited. A coworker purchased a 9mm XD recently and we finally went to the range.

Police, sport shooters and self-defense shooters all fire 9mm. But for as many different types of shooters that use it, there seem to be at least as many different names that refer to the same load and cartridge. To the novice shooter, dealing with all these different aliases can be rough. For instance, the 9mm Luger and 9mm Parabellum are the exact same thing. But, 9mm Marakov and 9mm IMI are two completely different rounds! This makes choosing ammunition and understanding proper loads a headache.


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  1. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare 9mm Luger Parabellum vs.

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