Jake paul and logan paul

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How old is Jake Paul, who is his brother Logan and did he win against Deji?

jake paul and logan paul

Jake Joseph Paul (born January 17, ) is an American actor, Internet personality and Gregory Allan Paul. His older brother, YouTuber Logan Paul, claims that Jake is of English, German-Jewish, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh ancestry .

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Jake Joseph Paul born January 17, [1] is an American actor, Internet personality and YouTuber who rose to fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. He has since become the subject of controversies due to his unruly and inappropriate behavior. Paul was born in Cleveland , [1] [2] and grew up in Westlake, Ohio. Paul began his career in September posting videos on Vine. By the time Vine shut down, Jake Paul had 5. In , it was announced that Paul would be starring as Dirk in Disney Channel's new comedy series Bizaardvark.

Logan Alexander Paul born April 1, [1] [2] is an American internet personality, actor, director and musician. Paul first gained fame through videos shared on former Internet video service Vine , [3] later moving to Facebook and YouTube after the platform's shutdown. By the time he attended college, his YouTube channel had attained a modest following via the platform Vine. Paul rose to fame as a member on the Internet video sharing service Vine. A YouTube compilation video of his Vine work garnered more than four million views the first week it was posted.

Logan Paul was blasted on social media this New Year's Eve after he posted a YouTube clip of himself visiting the famous Aokigahara “suicide.
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Logan and Jake Paul, who began posting prank videos and sketches on Vine in , racked up 3. Those followers have begun to turn on them, especially following this latest episode. Logan Paul, the older brother, has performed a couple bit parts on TV series and acted out a strange business partnership with Dwayne Johnson via YouTube videos. Until Tuesday he had escaped from controversy, for the most part, posting vlogs and introducing a bro-friendly California clothing line. His younger brother, Jake, however, has become so widely detested that mainstream media has recognized his controversial status. Crazy how many ppl care about me being a "bad" neighbor bigger fish 2 fry Jake has been accused of racism multiple times, as he often mocks minor characters in his prank videos based on their ethnicity.

YouTube stars Jake and Logan Paul have official merchandise, a talent incubator and millions of followers. The brothers, who collectively have more than 28 million subscribers on the video-sharing site, got their start as breakout stars on the now-defunct platform Vine, where they capitalized on their outrageous antics and bro-ish personalities. From there, the pair decided to move to Los Angeles from their hometown of Westlake, Ohio, to expand their reach and seek ways to turn an even bigger profit on their already impressive social media enterprise. I was, like, 17 years old, making more money than my parents. Dre of social media. The success of Team 10 led to serious investors, which led to a merchandise line Fanjoy. The brothers have also leveraged their fame to branch out into other facets of the entertainment industry At one point, Jake had a recurring role on the Disney Channel sitcom Bizaardvark , but last July, the company cut ties with the YouTube star.

YouTube stars Jake and Logan Paul are easy to hate. They're also two of YouTube's most talented artists. If you don't watch their videos, you're most likely to know them from a pair of incidents that got them branded as moral hazards. The first came in July when Jake, the younger of the two brothers, gave a smug, defiant interview to a television reporter who had spoken with his angry West Hollywood neighbors and climbed the reporter's van. The second came on December 31, when Logan uploaded a video that featured him and his friends finding a suicide victim in a forest and making shock-induced jokes as a coping mechanism. Logan tried to position the video as an opportunity to discuss mental health, but the line between advocacy and exploitation was blurry, at best.

Logan Paul

Jake Paul is an American YouTube star and actor who rose to fame after building a huge following on the Vine video app. By the time Twitter axed the app in October , the vlogger had amassed 5. Since Vine closed, Jake has devoted his attention to YouTube, where 16 million subscribers watch his extreme stunts.


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  1. Logan Alexander Paul (born April 1, ) is an American internet personality, actor, director Growing up in Ohio with younger brother Jake Paul, he began creating internet videos for a YouTube channel called Zoosh when he was 10 years.

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