How to stake and tie up tomato plants

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The 4 Best Ways to Support Your Tomato Plants

how to stake and tie up tomato plants

Tomato Cages: How to Make Supports for Healthier Tomato Plants

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Tomato plants are floppy by nature, so don't fault your gardening skills if your stems won't stand upright. That doesn't mean you should let them droop wherever they please, though. If left to sprawl, the plants become more prone to disease and the fruit quality can suffer. Choose a trellising system that lifts the plants off the ground and allows for air circulation. Not only will it look tidier, but you'll grow a bigger haul. Install wood or rebar stakes at least 6 feet-tall at planting time. As the plants grow, tie the stems loosely to the stakes with twine or strips of fabric.

Its tomato season ó and that means its time to start tying up tomatoes and peppers in the garden! Providing adequate support has a multitude of benefits for a plants health, vitality and longevity. First, it provides protection against the forces of nature.
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T omatoes are the 1 vegetable planted in my garden or is it a fruit? We can tomato sauce, ketchup, whole tomatoes, salsa, etc. If you shop your local garden center you have no doubt come across the tomato cage- a cone shaped, wire cage meant to hold up your precious tomatoes. I used these for one year before giving up on them and their habit of toppling over as soon a the plant gained a little weight. This site contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may earn a commission.

Then, use string, garden ties, or strips of fabric to tie a loose loop around the plant stem, and a knot around the stake to keep your plant upright and off the ground. As your plant grows, continue securing the stalk to the stake by tying loose double knots under the branches every inches. You should also use gardening tape or twine to tie up the whole plant once it gets to be 3 feet tall. When your tomatoes are 6ó10 inches Its best to do this before the plants begin to droop because they can catch diseases from the soil as soon as any leaves touch the ground. Tomatoes will be cleaner and easier to collect.

View Cart Checkout. String em up, baby! Climbing tomatoes often need a helping hand to reach their full potential. Who would have thought. But seriously, string is a great option for climbers.

How to Tie up Tomatoes


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  1. Tied tomato plants are generally healthier, with tomatoes that are easier to pick. Also look for branches that are straying too far away from the trellis, stake or.

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