Anxiety and low pressure

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Association of low blood pressure with anxiety and depression: the Nord?Trondelag Health Study

anxiety and low   pressure

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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. Great to hear from you and welcome to Beyond Blue. Not being a doctor I cannot answer your question about low blood pressure. Yes I know about high blood pressure, especially when you are under stress of some kind. I would have thought like you, that high blood pressure would be the result of your anxiety. Are you going to see your GP in the near future? In the meantime are you receiving any help about your anxiety.

Low blood pressure has mainly been regarded as ideal, but recent studies have indicated an association with depression in elderly people. To investigate whether low blood pressure is associated with anxiety and depression in the general population. Compared with participants with systolic blood pressure within the 41ó60 centile reference group, the odds ratio for anxiety was 1. Slightly weaker associations were found of low diastolic blood pressure with anxiety and depression. These associations were similar across sex and age groups. Physical impairment, smoking and angina pectoris influenced the associations only marginally, whereas stroke, myocardial infarction, use of drugs for hypertension, body mass index and several other covariates had no influence.

Stress is one of the most common causes of short bursts of high blood pressure. This is because the amount of pressure stress and anxiety place on the heart can be very dangerous. While high blood pressure bursts stemming from anxiety are not necessarily dangerous to those without a heart condition, they are still not ideal for long-term health. Surprisingly, what many do not realize is that anxiety can cause low blood pressure too. In some cases, this drop in blood pressure that often comes with anxiety, can cause additional, uncomfortable symptoms. And if a person has suffered a panic attack in the past, low blood pressure can increase his or her risk for future panic attacks.

Most people experience anxiety at some point in their life. You might experience mild symptoms when facing a challenging or stressful situation. You might also have more severe, long-lasting symptoms that impact your daily life, including:. Anxiety is typically treated with therapy, medication, or a combination of both. There are also several alternative treatments, including acupressure, that can help.

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Anxiety doesn't cause long-term high blood pressure hypertension. But episodes of anxiety can cause dramatic, temporary spikes in your blood pressure. - For decades, symptoms of anxiety and depression have been included among psychological factors associated with development of hypertension. Although this has been questioned in recent studies, most findings have been based on a single assessment of mental distress at baseline.

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Slightly weaker associations were found of low diastolic blood pressure with anxiety and depression. These associations were similar across sex and age.
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