Florence and the machine songs

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Best Florence + The Machine Songs: 20 Essential Tracks

florence and the machine songs

Listen to the best of Florence + The Machine on Apple Music and Spotify, and . ' Dog Days Are Over' remains one of the best Florence + The Machine songs.

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By Luke Winkie June 1, Here's a look at their best songs. Updated Dec. Here's a woman named Florence writing gigantic, fearless songs about love filtered through dusty old tomes and pastoral nursery rhymes that have more in common with the Decembrists and Arcade Fire than today's pop music. Somehow, her vision has proved wildly popular, earning the band top headlining dates, Grammy noms and spots on big film soundtracks, like "Snow White and the Huntsman," "The Great Gatsby" and "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

All This and Heaven Too (); Between Two Lungs (); Big God (); Breaking Down (); Breath Of Life (); Cosmic Love (); Delilah ( ).
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This might be No. Florence Welch has called this rousing track from 's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful one of her "little spells," and it was written after she experienced being in a relationship with someone who was driving her away: "The songs become these talismans [that] you've written that are just for yourself. And you can carry them with you. This is the first song Welch wrote for the album of the same name; the dreamy track is inspired by the Los Angeles sky and it really does transport the listener. It's about Welch's self-destructive side, but as always, she channels her inner chaos into beauty. When that guitar comes in after the first chorus, it's impossible not to break out into your most frantic dance moves.

Entertainment Weekly : "Singer Florence Welch's immaculately constructed indie pop recalls Regina Spektor, but without the studied artiness Rolling Stone : 3. Entertainment Weekly : "[A] confident, unflinching tour de force Detailed Site Map of Links. Add to Cart.

Florence + the Machine

Perhaps it was an easier sell now that Welch, like so many millions of others, is a fan. His version has an air of hopefulness. She joked that she was calling from Westeros.


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  1. Following are songs recorded by Florence and the Machine: Contents. 09 A B C D E F . "Kiss with a Fist"; "Dog Days Are Over"; "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up )"; "Drumming Song"; "You've Got the Love"; "You Got the Dirtee Love"; "Cosmic Love" "Wish That You Were Here"; "Stand by Me"; "Sky Full of Song"; "Hunger" .

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