Breast lift and augmentation recovery

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Breast Lift Guide

breast lift and augmentation recovery

Learn more about breast lift surgery, including the benefits, risks and how However, a breast lift can be done in combination with breast augmentation or Rarely, poor healing can cause scars to become thick and wide.


Are you considering a breast lift procedure mastopexy? Day prior to surgery: Confirm your surgery time and transportation. Fill prescriptions. Start taking Arnica Montana. Night before surgery: Do NOT eat or drink anything 12 hours prior to surgery. Relax, go to bed early and try to sleep at least seven hours.

If you're having breast augmentation or enlargement and you require information on the most important details of your recovery, MyBreast have the answers.
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As with any surgery, a breast lift involves incisions in the skin. Your first step is to find an experienced and certified plastic surgeon. Working with an experienced surgeon can ultimately reduce your risk of complications known to cause scarring. They can also teach you how to protect and treat your skin postsurgery. Keep reading to learn more about the different techniques available, the scars they might leave, and how to minimize their appearance. When it comes to scarring, not all breast lifts are the same. Your surgeon can recommend a specific lift according to what you want addressed, including sagging, size, and shape.

Whilst taking time off to recover from breast surgery you may be nervous and excited about what your new breasts will look like. We place great importance on aftercare. You can also ask specific questions in respect of your recovery needs and how to minimise scarring at your Consultation. In summary the first few days after your procedure will be the most difficult. After ten days your bandages will be changed and hopefully removed completely after three weeks.

Breast Lift Scars: What to Expect

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A breast lift restores a firmer, perkier, and more aesthetically pleasing shape to sagging breasts. This involves a small incision running halfway around the top half of the edge of the areola. Usually, a crescent lift is only done when a patient is also having breast augmentation, and even in these cases the crescent incision type is less frequently used. This involves a circular incision running around the edge of the areola, and like the crescent lift, is commonly performed in conjunction with breast augmentation. This lift can also be effective in helping reduce areola size.

During a breast lift, excess skin is removed and breast tissue is reshaped to restore firmness and raise the breasts and nipples on the chest. Incisions can be made around the darker area surrounding the nipples areolae , downward to the breast creases and horizontally along the creases. A breast lift — also known as mastopexy — is a surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon to change the shape of your breasts. During a breast lift, excess skin is removed and breast tissue is reshaped to raise the breasts. You might choose to have a breast lift if your breasts sag or your nipples point downward. A breast lift might also boost your self-image and self-confidence. A breast lift won't significantly change the size of your breasts.


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