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young and the restless blogspot

The Young and the Restless Full episode Y&R 2nd September The Young and the Restless Full episode Y&R 2nd September

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Abby and Nate are not as sexy as they think they are. Both have a too good opinion about themselves. And Abby should stop being justice warrior, because nobody needs her to be so protective with Lola and Kyle relationship. I even feel embarrassed for over the top control freak she is. Connor is so cute and wise. More wise than Nick and his silent Christian. Go Summer Go Theo, love Theo open up more on Kyle during the engagement then Love the secret baby revealed Kyle is the biological father of this secret baby.

I agree anonymous Thank you for posting these videos! Who cares about the text? Without this site I wouldn't be able to watch my favorite shows. Any idiot should know that the writing is necessary to not get sued for copyright infringement.

I keep hoping someday you will remove the writing all over the screen. At least your video player is more reliable than Global's, which keeps freezing up on me. And skipping over ads - priceless! Where is Paul, and Michael, and bring Kevin back I'm losing interest, and think others are too.

The Young and the Restless Full episode Y&R 30th August
like that black eyed peas

Does any one know if there is a problem with Utube, I cannot seem to get it anymore. In Australia and I relied on it. Otherwise in Canada I have no problem with YouTube in general. They were not good copies anyway, but at least they were something. Looks like it has been shut down. You used to be able to watch everything on there but it was all taken down awhile ago. None of the Links at that story work.

I think Nicholas is going to plant a listening device in Victoria's house and hear everything the women says when they visit her. Hillary is going to fake her pregnancy, get a fake baby bump and end up stealing a baby after nine months. Victor is going to have Arturo killed. Maybe JT didn't die because of his heart condition, his heart stopped beating for a few minutes when his pulse was checked and he was buried alive. They should have cemented his grave. Sharon may think about getting a cell phone and text Reid pretending to be JT.





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