Are diamond and silk married

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Diamond and Silk

are diamond and silk married

2 Trump Girls: Meeting The Donald’s Super Fans, Diamond And Silk

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These ladies are biological sisters, a revelation that hit Ainsley Earhart as a surprise. Brian Kilmeade continued to push the segment along by quickly putting together the ingredients for banana pudding, which he didn't do correctly, according to Diamond and Silk. While the pudding demonstration was in full swing, one of the ladies mentioned that their mother used to make this for them when they were kids. Ainsley's mouth dropped wide open as she asked the question: "You are sisters? When she asked the other hosts, they didn't seem to know that Diamond and Silk are sisters.

Standing with the silent majority, the Duo rose to prominence in receiving media attention for their support for President Donald J Trump and created a video calling out journalist Megyn Kelly for asking ignorant questions during the first Presidential Debate which made Drudge and went VIRAL. As Conservative women they voice their opinions about media bias, political babble, and repetitive political tactics that Americans are tired of being subjected to. Diamond and Silk host their Chit Chat Live show where they candidly tell you exactly how they view modern day topics appearing anywhere and across various platforms, using a common sense approach without the use of the political correctness so prevalent in modern day media. After switching their political party to Republican they started the Ditch and Switch Now Movement urging other Democrats to switch their party to Republicans to Vote for President Trump in the primaries and general election. The movement garnered Media Attention when reports came out that over Forty-Six Thousand Pennsylvanians Switched their political affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

Outspoken and steadfast in her beliefs, Hardaway has maintained strong Conservative views despite receiving strong backlash on social media and other online platforms for her sometimes controversial views. Love their honesty. Dont be fooled. LOVE them! A breath of fresh air!

They are Diamond and Silk. Diamond and Silk are African-American sisters, Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, who became known during the presidential campaign for their unwavering support of Donald J. They found a new audience this week when Republican lawmakers pressed Mr. The company says that is not true. Here is a brief guide to Diamond and Silk and their troubles with Facebook. Hardaway, or Diamond, and Ms.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson , popularly known as Diamond and Silk , are American live-stream video bloggers, social media personalities, political activists and Fox Nation hosts. The two women received media attention during the campaign and again in April when they alleged that Facebook had notified them they were "unsafe to the community. There is, however, no evidence that Facebook blocked or censored Diamond and Silk's Facebook page. Formerly lifelong Democrats , [10] they became Republicans in September , soon after they saw Donald Trump announce his candidacy on television. Although officially unaffiliated with the Trump campaign , they urged support for Trump via social media efforts and rallies and traveled to three states for the campaign.

Lynnette Hardaway Net Worth, Age, Bio, Education? Diamond and Silk ?

The duo — real names Lynette Hardaway Diamond and Rochelle Richardson Silk — distinguish themselves from the hundreds of other con artists on the margins of Trumpworld by having a schtick so phony and lazily constructed that it could plausibly be an elaborate Dadaist prank. Everything about the Diamond and Silk enterprise is artificial, and obviously so.





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