How to set font size and color in html

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Font tag size & CSS in html code

how to set font size and color in html

Example. Specify the font size, font face and color of text: The tag specifies the font face, font size, and color of text. CSS Example: Set the color of text.

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HTML lacks a lot of font styles and characteristics that a lot of text editors have. You cannot format a Web document using HTML as nicely as you could format a page with a word processing program. What you can do with HTML is to specify certain font sizes 1 through 7 , select a color from an RGB Color Reference and vary your text colors on your page without a graphics program. You may also select a font-family or specify whether you want serif or sans-serif font face. If the font that you select is not on the users computer when they are viewing your Web page, their browser will select its own default font to replace your selection so you must know that your choice with HTML will not be etched into stone but will vary from one computer or browser type to another. Size 7 abcdefg

This page contains instructions on how to change a font and its color on a web page. The old method, of using an inline style attribute or font tag , is deprecated , and should no longer be used. Although the deprecated methods may still render correctly in modern Internet browsers, they are no longer guaranteed to do so. To create web pages that display correctly for the maximum number of users, use the CSS methods described on this page. If you're looking for help customizing font appearance in a Microsoft Word document, see how to change the font color, size, or type in Word. If you plan on changing the font face and its color only once on a web page, configure its attributes in the element tag. Using the style attribute, you may specify the font face and color with font-family , color , and the font size with font-size , as shown in the example below.

It proceeded to do more harm than good — for all sorts of reasons — but mainly because it is a hugely inefficient way to format text. CSS text formatting is vastly superior, but knowledge of these old-style techniques is still useful. This page was last updated on Ever since HTML 4. This means that it should not be used anymore , since we have the vastly superior stylesheets at our disposal to format the text in our HTML pages.

color for an HTML element. This example sets the background color for a page to powderblue: Text Color. The CSS color property defines the text color for an HTML element: font-size%;">This is a paragraph.
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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Setup a private space for you and your coworkers to ask questions and share information. I know all this for today's standards, but this is in HTML4. Is anyone old enough to remember? There is no, and never has been, a presentation attribute specifically for setting the foreground colour of a paragraph element. That was the job of the font element.

The size , color , and face attributes can be used all at once or individually, providing users with the ability to create dynamic font styles for any HTML element. Instead, use CSS styles to manipulate your font. See our CSS Tutorial for more information. Set the size of your font with size. The range of accepted values goes from 1 -- the smallest, to 7 -- the largest.

Changing the font type, size, and color displayed on a web page

Open the file in a text editor. Find the element you want to change., Fonts play a very important role in making a website more user friendly and increasing content readability.

To specify font size relatively to other sizes or font color or both. Typical rendering The actual font size and color used to present the contents of the FONT element may be affected, but it depends on the browser; see general notes on rendering markup.



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