How to unlock iphone 4 without apple id and password

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Fast & Effective Ways to Activate iPhone without Apple ID

how to unlock iphone 4 without apple id and password

The article is about how to activate iPhone without Apple ID and password. You can unlock the iPhone activation lock using the methods in this article. without Password hot. Part 4: Pay Attention Before Buying A Second-hand iPhone.

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Factory reset is a useful function that exists on all smartphone and tablet. Certainly, iPhone is not an exception. There are a number of cases that you should reset the iPhone. The most common one is that you are going to sell or give it to someone. If the phone runs slowly or malfunctions, then reset is also an effective way to solve the problem.

My girlfriend forgot her Apple ID passcode and a popup keeps appearing making her put it in. The phone can't be used without it popping up. Don't worry! Factory reset feature is an useful function when users to resolve minor iOS issues, or they can use to erase aome personal data before selling or giving away. Now, let's understand how to factory reset iPhone without Apple ID. First of all, download the software from official website, then launch the program to connect you device to get started. Step 2: Now you'll be asked to download the latest firmware package.

How to Reset iPhone Without Apple ID

Your Apple ID is the account that you use for everything you do with Apple, like when you shop the iTunes Store, sign in to iCloud, buy an app, and more. To reset your password, you need to know the email address for your Apple ID.


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