B and j wine coolers


b and j wine coolers

Thank you for your interest in our Bartles & Jaymes Premium Wine Coolers. We hope you are relaxing and enjoying one now. To aid in your continued relaxation .

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The subtle sweetness of Watermelon, the freshness of Mint, and real white wine. The only thing that could make this flavor trifecta any more refreshing is a front porch and a friend or two to share it with. The zip of Ginger, zing of Lemon, and real white wine is perfect for picnics, parties, or pretty much any other shindig where good times are anticipated. Tangy Grapefruit, smooth Green Tea, and real white wine. The crisp taste of Cucumber, tart flavor of Lime, and real white wine is great as-is.

What happened to wine coolers of the s? The wine cooler was a play on the spritzer, a drink diluted with carbonated water to fill more glasses and feel more refreshing. The original homemade wine cooler was made from a light white wine try a dry chardonnay or a pinot grigio and a lemon-lime soda like 7Up. These were all actual blends of cheap, industrial white wine, water, and flavors that were usually put out by subsidiaries of major wine houses. Actually…it was taxation. This made wine blending bad business and ushered in the era of the malt beverage.

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“It's just a wine cooler,” he said, “It won't hurt you.” Although that statement isn't What's your favorite B&J cooler? Share with us in the.
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The product line is well remembered for its folksy television commercials, created by Hal Riney , which ran from to Two older gentlemen characters, Frank Bartles and Ed Jaymes, sat on a front porch and related their new discoveries or projects on which they were working. Occasionally ads would be a twist on the idea of senior citizens or folksiness, such as having the pair fly an old-fashioned biplane over a beach, then airdrop crates of their product which were received by grateful young party animals. Bartles did all the talking, and ended each commercial with the tagline , " Prior to their work on the ads, neither Rufkahr nor Maugg had been an actor: Rufkahr, a career Air Force veteran and cattle rancher from Redmond, Oregon, won the job in a talent search. Dick Maugg, was a Santa Rosa general contractor.

In , two old codgers appeared on our TV screens who would charm America into running straight to the liquor store. Rufkahr had been in the Air Force most of his life and, later, was a cattle rancher. Maugg was a general contractor in California and had been a long-time friend of the ad creator, Hal Riney. The gimmick was that while Bartles spoke of the tastiness of the coolers and pleaded to the world to help Jaymes pay off his second mortgage, Jaymes remained silent throughout each commercial. Their varieties expanded wildly into numerous fruit-inspired concoctions.

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