Beastboy and raven have a baby

Raven Roth and Beast Boy

beastboy and raven have a baby

Read Part 6: The Baby from the story Raven x Beastboy Forever by Plus I need you guys to vote on whether or not I should do a Terra x BB fanfic (even though.


Garfield Mark Logan, affectionately known as Gar to his teammates, has a lot more going for him than just those four points. Since those are the items that make it into so many adaptations, those are things people tend to remember first. Gar ended up with green skin after an illness as a child. He used to look like a typical human before that. His humor often covers up his fear in tough situations. As for Terra betraying him? That iconic Teen Titans comic book story has since been adapted for multiple animated versions of the Teen Titans.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Teen Titans. Sequal too Healing Powers don't mend a heart. Raven is pregnant and she and Beast Boy are going to be proud parents but after the birth Slade comes back and steals the most precouis thing in the tower. Ok people the long This is the first chapter and i hope you like it. It starts out with Raven and Beast Boy already married and Raven had just found out she was pregnent.

Raven volunteers for the titans marriage program to escape institution at Arkam Asylum in Gotham. She travels to Metropolis with a several others on her assigned date and is paired off to Beast Boy the shape shifter likely because of their closeness in age. The two have very little time to get to know each other before being stationed at a camp in Jump city with fellow couples. They travel their together and try to become acquainted en route. While Beast Boy seems very taken with Raven right off the bat, she is less impressed with him. Despite her somewhat cold attitude, Beast Boy is convinced she will grow to love him in the camp.

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  2. This page is about the coupling of Beast Boy and Raven in terms of my Teen The two have very little time to get to know each other before being stationed at a but she reveals she is pregnant and does not want her child to feel unwanted.

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