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Chris Traeger Can LITERALLY Teach Us So Much About Depression And Mental Health

parks and rec chris traeger

Chris Traeger is very cheerful and energetic, usually leaving the hard truths to Ben Wyatt. Parks and Recreation co-star Adam Scott described the.

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I love "Parks and Recreation" as much as the next guy, maybe definitely even a little more. I love "Parks and Recreation" as much as Leslie Knope loves parks, probably. I'll suggest it to people, they'll watch the first few episodes and come back to me asking, "Really? This show? Ben and Chris save the show. Ben Wyatt and Chris Traeger are the kinds of characters that are relatable even if you aren't nerdy like Ben or athletic like Chris.

He began on the show as an Indiana State Auditor who visits the fictional city of Pawnee to help solve their crippling budget problems, and eventually becomes Pawnee's acting City Manager. Chris is an extremely positive person who is constantly upbeat and energetic. Extremely health-conscious, he exercises constantly and eats only healthy foods, hoping to be the first human to reach the age of Chris first appeared in the second season episode " The Master Plan ". Originally expected to appear in eight episodes as a guest star, Lowe eventually signed on to remain on the show as a permanent cast member.

Questioning health fads and sources. He firmly believes he will be the first person to live to years old, while also dramatically realizing his own mortality several times like when he catches the common cold. While over-the-top at times, his awareness and care for his body is something we could all take notes on. Care for our bodies comes in many forms: the food we eat, the medicine we take, the way we exercise and care for our minds. The balance of these is what I believe to be the key to longevity, but we must be cautious of what health sources we put our trust in. I have struggled with this and gone into spiraling states of doubt.

Fact: Chris Traeger is literally the most underappreciated character on Parks and Recreation. I want to be him when I grow up, except for that whole crying a lot thing. There are literally too many for one post, so feel free to leave your own in the comments. Next stop, Motivation Station! Hello, Ann Perkins, my fallopian princess. If I could go back in time and cut your eyeballs out, I would. It could literally shut down the entire system.

How Parks and Recreation Needs To Replace Ann Perkins And Chris Traeger

It's almost impossible to not like the characters in this show, not least among them City Manager Chris Traeger. Played by Rob Lowe, Chris is a man obsessed with health and positivity, to the point where his incessant happiness begins to rub people the wrong way.

Chris Traeger

This article contains spoilers for the Parks and Recreation show. Continue at your own risk. Christopher "Chris" Traeger is a main character in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons and a guest star in the second and seventh seasons. Chris Traeger is very cheerful and energetic, usually leaving the hard truths to Ben Wyatt. As a baby, Chris Traeger was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and was only supposed to live for 3 weeks, but he survived and is therefore always an optimistic person. He frequently compares his body to a microchip, saying that "a grain of sand could destroy it. He believes he will be the first person to live to

Screen Cap If you look at Parks And Rec from Chris Traeger's perspective, it's the tragic story of how a run-down no-name town brings literally the world's most optimistic man into crippling depression i. Shit, I shouldn't maybe browse this sub until I'm done with all seasons, going at the city council campaign ad episode. It's hard to avoid spoilers on a sub for a show that ended a few years ago. Most of us have watched it through a few times. I start the series over each school year myself, as I like it in the background while studying or doing projects. I usually stop after 6 and the unity concert.

Chris : I vomited somewhere in this room. I don't remember where, though. You might want to check that drawer, though. Ann : I told him that "One Headlight" by the Wallflowers isn't "dancing" music and he said, "Not with that attitude. Chris : I promised myself I was not going to cry tonight, and I have already broken that promise five times. But I will not

I love both Chris and Ann as imaginary people, but as I wrote last season, it was hard to deny that they seemed to have run their personal courses in Pawnee. And sending them off to Indianapolis, but leaving them in reserve for trips to the state capital or for the finale seems like a perfectly appropriate thing to happen to the characters. But I do think that the relative decline of their arcs illustrates two ways that Parks could become a stronger show in its sixth season, and I say this as someone who enjoyed a lot of the episodes last year.
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Quoted in: Parks and Recreation. Search for Chris Traeger on Amazon. Chris : I was in charge of the cake. Ron : What did they ask you to bring, a vegetable loaf, or a cake? Chris : No, a cake.

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