Blake lively and anna kendrick kiss

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Hollywood Insider: Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively talk of their kissing scene in ĎA Simple Favorí

blake lively and anna kendrick kiss

Aug 27, Anna Kendrick is opening up about the steamy kiss she shared with Blake Lively in their new film A Simple Favor.

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Anna Kendrick has revealed what it's like to kiss Blake Lively. The two actresses share a long and passionate kiss in their upcoming film A Simple Favour , in which vlogger Stephanie Ward investigates the disappearance of her best friend Emily. Who has a mint? So, we were the mintiest, freshest two people to have ever kissed in the history of America. Kendrick touched on Stephanie's sexuality, explaining that she's in love with Emily in a way that she can't totally understand. So, I was worried it would be, like, really sad.

Anna Kendrick says she's more like her co-star Blake Lively's character, who Kendrick describes as "very comfortable with the fluid aspects of her sexuality," in their upcoming movie A Simple Favor.
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So Blake and I were both going off and having all these mints. But I will say, there was an interesting thing where Blake and I, neither of us wanted to be the aggressor in that scene. I misinterpret the situation. I love it. I love being underestimated. And I think that being underestimated is part of where your power comes from and knowing that being sparkly and shiny and being the person in the room that everybody looks at is an asset.

There are probably many people on this planet who think about what it would be like to kiss Blake Lively. Anna Kendrick, who gets to share an on-screen smooch with her in their new movie A Simple Favor , is fulfilling fantasies the world over by dishing on what it was like. Apparently, it was minty fresh?? Who has a mint? The girl crush between these two is well documented. Earlier this summer, Blake joked that she only person she'd cheat on Ryan Reynolds with is Anna, and Anna said that she "let Ryan" have Deadpool , which makes it okay.

Anna Kendrick Knows What It's like to Kiss Blake Lively and She's Spilling the Details

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Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively were minty fresh for on-screen kiss

Target mom versus Met Gala mom. Aspirational versus extra. Friendship-bracelet tutorials are just gonna to have wait. A bit camp? A bit queer? Here, the longtime ally talks about attempting to allow the lesbian love to bloom between queer-coded Pitch Perfect leads Beca and Chloe Brittany Snow , what irks her about self-congratulatory reactions to celebs coming out and, when it comes to her own sexuality, being open like Emily. Laughs Oh my gosh!

In the film, Kendrick plays a mom and a vlogger who develops a deep friendship with a woman named Emily Lively. Without revealing too much about the movie, just know the two main characters share a kiss, and Kendrick is letting the world know how she feels about it. During an interview with PrideSource , Kendrick explained that despite the intrigue surrounding her kissing scene with Lively, it was really all about having fresh breath. Who has a mint? So, we were the mintiest, freshest two people to have ever kissed in the history of AmericaÖ Call Guinness. Sounds like Kendrick had a blast on set with Lively.


A Simple Favor / Kiss Scene (Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick)




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  1. Aug 28, The actresses co-star in the upcoming movie ďA Simple Favor.Ē Directed by Paul Feig, it follows mommy blogger Stephanie (Kendrick), who.

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