Shark sonic duo pro carpet and hard floor cleaner

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Shark Sonic Duo Review

shark sonic duo pro carpet and hard floor cleaner

Shark Sonic Duo Professional Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner with Albany Irvin

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Getting rid of all the additional brushes, mops, and swiffers has long been a dream of ours. So when a company like Shark claims that their new product will make them all obsolete, we have to check. Oh, please let it be so. The idea behind this all-in-one cleaning device is that vacuums never truly clean your floors and carpets. Sonic Duo offers a unique combination of a sonic cleaning technology and sonic cleaning solutions. As a result, floors and carpets start looking cleaner and brighter after every cleaning with Sonic Duo.

Shark Sonic Duo has been around for almost 1 year, but most people are still unaware about the great cleaning power of this product. The system scrubs dirt out of every floor, carpet or rug. Shark uses special cleaning solutions, different for carpets and hardwood floor, in order to enhance the power of this machine. The microfiber washable pads are performing scrubs every single minute! Other features of the Sonic Duo include the AirGlide maneuverability, the head lights and of course, the swivel steering. This is not a hybrid vacuum cleaner per se: it is mostly a scrubber cleaner. Since the is literally no other tool like this produced by competition, I going to rate it using a modified VGMhy scale.

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor ZZ550 Review

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