How many rodan and fields consultants are there in canada

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The Rising Success Of Rodan + Fields Thanks To Nontraditional Retail And Savvy Women

how many rodan and fields consultants are there in canada

Why I joined Rodan + Fields Canada

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Think you know what a direct-marketing sales rep looks like nowadays? She's the pretty mom at school drop off But even more than being a familiar face, she's often educated, successful and hard-working It doesn't happen for most. Recognizing that word of mouth - not the advertising or marketing programs of the stores - accounted for our growing customer base, we decided to create an alternative method of distribution.

According to a new study by Bankrate , more than half of Millennials today are rocking a side hustle to bring in extra income. I was VERY intentional about choosing what my side hustles were going to be. Think about driving for Uber as your side hustle. There are only 24 hours and so many miles you can drive in a given day. As an AirBnb host, same problem. There are only so many days in a year you can rent out your place. Come up with a side hustle, and most have this constraint issue.

But unless you pay close attention to your more entrepreneurial-minded friends on Facebook, it's likely you've never even heard of it. That's partly because you won't find this brand in stores. Its products are sold by a team of consultants who market lotions and potions that claim to combat lines, dark spots, and acne in older consumers. The army of consultants typically sell products by word of mouth, at special events, or on social media. The consultants can either choose to take a commission on each sale or opt for their sales to count towards discounted prices on their own future purchases of these products.

There are only 24 hours and so many miles you can drive in a given day. . 64% of Rodan+Fields consultants never tried to products before . in the US & Canada; #1 Anti-Aging Brand across Canada and the US in
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From there, it is up to you how you choose to grow. In addition to the Compensation Plan, Consultants may earn additional income and enjoy exclusive perks through our Programs and Incentives. From luxurious and exotic international destinations, to the beaches of Maui, to California Wine Country, each trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. From branded business-building tools to eye-catching rewards that spark conversation, these unique perks are designed to recognize your success. Our Field Learning Events are designed to help you reach your personal and professional development goals.

Rodan + Fields


In , Katie Rodan and Kathy A. They relaunched the brand in as a multi-level marketing firm. Only two percent of these consultants make more than minimum wage. Fields and Rodan met in during their dermatology residency at Stanford University School of Medicine. In , they developed Proactiv Solution as a preventative skincare for acne. Products were sold in department stores.



The most popular skincare brand in America can't be bought in stores





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  1. Rodan + Fields, which launched in , is the brainchild of the founders of There's a roughly split between these two types of consultants. time for the company as the recession hit and many were looking for work. The ingredient is banned in Canada, which means Rodan + Fields is unable to.

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