Stamp duty and registration charges in kerala 2018 calculator

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Know about Stamp Duty and Registration While Buying a House

stamp duty and registration charges in kerala 2018 calculator

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Owning a property is one of the biggest achievements. Having a home is a desire that everybody has. And if you can get that in a dream location like Kerela, then what more you would desire for? Well lot of us, has already achieved and will achieve this kind of situation. But still people gets confused, or needs help about certain things where to buy the property, what to buy, what are the documentation process and lot more questions crop up your mind. Every state in India has different parameters and different registration process. Are you planning to buy land in Kerala?

Stamp Duty Calculator allows you to calculate the stamp duty for all states in India. Gujarat, Haryana, HimachalPradesh, Kerala, MadhyaPradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur However, the central government fixes the stamp duty rates of specific A buyer of a property has to pay a stamp duty at the time of registration of the.
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Updated: January, As much as you would love to be a proud owner of your dream home, tedious documentation and registration procedure does not make the journey any easier. The physical possession of a property does not alone determine the ownership. All the necessary documents and legal papers should also indicate clear title. The legal acquisition of a property requires the homeowner to pay stamp duty and carry out registration of the documents. Let us understand in detail how it works. Stamp duty is a kind of property tax, that needs to be paid when the property changes hands.

The Stamp duty for property registration in Kerala for flats are at the same rates, but for new flats being built by a builder you need to pay the Kerala stamp duty charges for only your share of the land. Registration of flats or villas in the office of the Kerala District Registrar Office is a must to get the title deeds of a flat or villa in your name. The Stamp duty for registration of property in Kerala mostly involves the purchase of expensive Kerala Stamp Paper on which the sale deed is written. The Stamp duty for registering the flat or villa in your name are extra charges over and above the actual cost of flat or villa you pay the builder. Stamp duty and registration charges for new flats in Kerala are cheaper than the resale of an existing flat. When buying a new flat in Kerala directly from the builder, then you save a lot of money by saving on the stamp duty and registration charges for new flats in Kerala. The deal with the builder is in two parts.

Owning our own home is a dream for most of us. However, skyrocketing property prices across the country make buying a residential property difficult, especially early in life. Purchasing a house involves not only finding the right home, but also getting your home loan application approved. And during this entire procedure of ensuring we have enough finances, we often overlook the role played by stamp duty and registration charges, thereby, upsetting our financial planning. These charges often tend to vary from one municipal area to another depending on the applicable local rates.

Stamp Duty: What are its Rates & Charges on Property?

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