Difference between fireworks and gunshots

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Firearms expert offers simple ways to distinguish between gunshot sounds and fireworks

difference between fireworks and gunshots

How to Recognize Gunfire (Sound of Gun Shots)

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Doctor Olds to signmeuptoo I don't know if they are shooting in the air, maybe, there are some pretty scuzzy people down the street I don't expect to get shot, but these idiots that fire guns up in the air, I've heard of the bullets coming back down and killing innocent people. Aranarth to signmeuptoo Coma to chrisretusn. You may not even hear it until after your hit. Doctor Olds to gillespie.

A series of evenly spaced bang-bang-bang sounds is much more likely to be a gun than the more sporadic ba-bang, ba-ba-ba-ba-bang of firecrackers. When sensors record a gunlike noise in, say, Cape Town or Chicago, software analyzes it for the sonic signatures of gunfire, and within seconds Beisner and his team listen to those audio files and look at those recorded waveforms at their office in Newark, Calif. Confirmed or suspected gunfire incidents are then reported to the local police. Pay attention to the intensity of each pulse. Multiple shots fired from a single gun will each be equally loud around decibels in the case of a handgun.

Kevin Creighton, a firearms expert and writer for AmmoMan. Image: AmmoMan. While the 4th of July offers festive celebrations, law enforcement gets quite a few extra calls this time of year, including from people concerned about random gunfire.
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One of the loudest American holidays is finally here -- the Fourth of July! Here's how to tell if you should go outside to ooh and aaahhh Guess what? That's a gun! Not really. Strong enough to shoot through most walls. Move your chips and guac inside and wait it out before putting the kebabs on the grill.

Knowing the difference between sounds of gunshots and fireworks

Or was it a gunshot? With Fourth of July weekend upon us, lots of Chicago-area residents are getting ready to celebrate America's rd birthday by setting off illegal fireworks, purchased legally in Indiana, along with a few drunken idiots firing guns into the air. Some describe the sounds they hear to harried dispatchers as "Pop-pop-pop," a thunderous boom or cracking rapid fire.

Gunshots or Fireworks: Learn To Tell the Difference

WBNG As the Fourth of July quickly approaches, local law enforcement are clearing up how to determine the difference between the sound of fireworks and gunfire. With the Independence Day holiday comes plenty of fireworks across our area. However, people often mistake the loud booms of the fireworks as the sound of gunshots and immediately call Chief Dodge says while it is difficult to decipher the difference, he says there are other things to which you can pay attention. However, Dodge says he does not want people to be discouraged to call He says if you feel you are in an actual emergency, do not hesitate to call. Overnight, calm conditions will continue, though more cloud cover is expected to fill in by morning.

Every year around the 4th of July, law enforcement agencies around the country are inundated with phone calls from people concerned about random gunfire in their neighborhoods. Unfortunately, there are irresponsible gun owners out there who decide that shooting their guns into the air in celebration is a good idea. Every year we ask the community not to fire celebratory gunshots into the air. Responsible gun owners know that shooting guns into the air is not a good idea. When a bullet goes up into the air, it will eventually come down. Sometimes, that something is a person, and tragedy ensues.


Gunshots or fireworks: Here's how to tell the difference







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