Facebook funny quotes and sayings

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facebook funny quotes and sayings

"Sarcastic and funny quotes". 35K likes. funny and sarcastic quotes and pictures. Funny Wise Sayings and Humor Quotes. Just For Fun. Funny Sarcastic Witty.

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Inspirational Words of Wisdom. Our collection includes funny inspirational and motivational quotes said by some famous people and others. We all need humor in life it helps the challenges that we all sometimes face! You may find some of them to be motivational because they challenge you thinking in a humorous way but also in a motivating way. Find that favorite funny quote and let it be your quote of the day to inspire and motivate you.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook - Silly Statuses. Advertisements: Thousands of the best, funny, witty, hilarious, crazy, silly Facebook statuses and sayings. If you are looking for a funny status or funny saying, you can find them here. The fact that her boobs are in front of her heart is not our fault. As if he wasn't going to see me 5 more times before then.

Recent Comments Submit a Status Message. Search Messages:. Most Recent. Do the makers of Pringles know how big hands are? SON: I lost a tooth.

Relationships these days start by pressing LIKE on her photo. I want to change my name on Facebook to "Nobody," so when I see someone posting something stupid I can Like their post and it will say "Nobody likes this. You don't know something? Google it. You don't know someone? Facebook it.

Funny Facebook Quotes and Sayings

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  1. Here are some great funny sayings related to Facebook the most popular social network on the planet.

  2. Funny Facebook quotes and sayings. I'm sorry that I'm not updating my Facebook status, my cat ate my mouse. Facebook needs three buttons, Like.

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