And i rise up lyrics

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Rise Up lyrics

and i rise up lyrics

Andra Day - Rise Up (Karaoke Version)

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There are increased cases of misery and evil in the world. Many people have considered the world to be rough. They believe that there is nothing that can save them from the heartache, misery and the difficulties they are undergoing. However, life must continue because they have found themselves in this world. In such difficult times, it is essential to find something that can make them feel exactly what they need to feel. Music plays such an integral role. It helps to bring hope to the hopeless and restore their dreams.

See the world While you young and beautiful come with me, build a dream Life is here for us to see Feel anew all in tune The Melody shines over you let the music morning groove with body moves Hold me close We'll see the sunrise morning glow sail away feel the breeze we'll walk the sand of seven seas When takes us all away with the beat, with the fun, that's here to stay! Say the words! Rise up come on and go with me say the words! Music Man that'll set you free!!!

Lyrics to "Rise Up" song by Andra Day: You're broken down and tired Of living life on a merry-go-round And you can't find the fighter But I.
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The Broadway Musical Leap of Faith the Musical - Rise Up Lyrics [Angels] Jesus, it's years we've been climbing your mountain Yes it's years we've been walking your road Lord, it's been years, far too many for counting With a lifetime of sin as our load When will we rise up? And lay down our burden Won't you tell me how long must we roll? When will we rise up and lay down that burden Tell me when will you gather us home? Thank you for joining us on this Our revival's third and final glorious night I am the reverend Jonas Nightingale and I know we've got a house full of sinners tonight You sir, you're a sinner Ma'am, you're sin on a stick And you? You're wondering if you can leave at intermission and commit even more sin You're all sinners Each and every one of you But you can be saved Tell me what do you do when the world's a mess and your life's in flux because the economy sucks and you're stuck way down in the depths of dispair [Angels - Sung] Rise up! And what do you do when you're feeling the stress and you've run out of hope and you just can't cope And you're pretty damn sure you ain't got a prayer [Angels - Sung] Rise up! Brother Amen?

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Leap of Faith - Rise Up Lyrics

Andra Day - Rise Up [Official Music Video] [Inspiration Version]

Andra Day:Rise Up Lyrics



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