Catch and release immigration policy

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Trump: Current catch and release immigration policy is 'ridiculous'

catch and release immigration policy

In United States immigration enforcement, "catch and release" refers to a practice of releasing a The Trump administration has used the phrase as a catch-all term for laws or policies preventing the holding of apprehended migrants in.

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The rule replaces a decades-old court agreement that mandates a level of care for migrant children and limits how long the government can hold them in custody. For more than a year, the White House has pressed the Department of Homeland Security to find a way to eliminate the agreement, known as the Flores settlement, which limits the time children can spend in detention and establishes minimum standards for the holding facilities for families and children. Immigration hard-liners inside the administration say the move is crucial to halting the flow of migrants across the southwestern border. Critics say it is the latest in a series of policies by President Trump meant to close off the United States from the rest of the world. Trump said Wednesday. Speaking to reporters at the White House, Mr. The new regulation will require approval from a federal judge, and administration officials said they expected it to be immediately challenged in court.

Central American asylum seekers wait as U. On Tuesday, reports surfaced that both Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection will begin releasing hundreds of migrant families every day at the southern border in Texas. The decision to release migrant families is the result of two realities: Family detention centers have become overcrowded, and, legally, the government is not allowed to keep unaccompanied minors or families with children in detention for more than 20 days. Trump has long lambasted the aspects of United States immigration policy that let immigrants wait out their court proceedings outside of prison. Advocates warn, however, that calling this regulation "catch and release" is both misleading and dehumanizing, and obscures that fact that the practice exists to ensure the basic human rights of children. Here's what you need to know in order to understand what Trump means when he says "catch and release" and the controversy around the term.

With many immigration processing-and-holding centers overwhelmed, the administration is putting families on to buses and taking them hundreds of miles away, disgorging them at Greyhound stations and churches in cities such as Albuquerque, New Mexico, San Antonio, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona, because towns close to the border already have more than they can handle. Relief organizations in some cities are struggling to feed and house the migrants and are warning that a public health crisis is taking shape. For many years, families seeking asylum in the United States were typically released from US custody immediately and allowed to settle in this country with relatives or friends while their cases wound their way through the courts. It is now Catch and Detain. Illegal Immigrants trying to come into the U. As a result, the government is releasing people faster, in greater numbers and at points farther removed from the border.

What Is 'Catch and Release'? . And as Madhuri Grewal, federal immigration policy counsel for the ACLU, explains, many immigrants do not.
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Why is it preferable to release certain individuals rather than detain them in DHS custody? Detaining individuals who present no safety or flight risk has both human and economic costs. It needlessly robs these individuals of their dignity and is a drain on limited DHS resources. Furthermore, many migrants entering the United States are seeking protection and already have strong community ties upon arrival, strengthening their incentive to comply with immigration requirements. These individuals are often received by family members and friends who have been in the country for some time and are eager to help their loved ones integrate into their new communities.

Stopping Illegal Immigration and Securing the Border

Trump administration ends "catch and release" as it reforms immigration policies

What Is 'Catch and Release'?

In United States immigration enforcement, " catch and release " refers to a practice of releasing a migrant to the community while he or she awaits hearings in immigration court , as an alternative to holding them in immigration detention. There is no "hard-and-fast definition" of the phrase, [2] which is pejorative. The phrase catch and release originated in recreational fishing over a century ago. It originally referred to releasing endangered fish or returning caught fish unharmed back into the water they were caught from for conservation and sporting purposes. Bush administration. A number of scholars and writers, such as geographer Reece Jones , media studies scholar Hector Amaya, and commentator Michelle Goldberg , regard the phrase as dehumanizing because it likens human beings to fish.


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  1. Justice Department has made an immigration policy shift that could put some asylum seekers in jail until their claims can be processed.

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