Tiger and dragon yin yang

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Dragon Energy Versus Tiger Energy

tiger and dragon yin yang

The Tao embodies the duality of the universe and the enlivening chi at work to balance opposing forces often represented by the tiger and dragon. Chinese.

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The tiger vs dragon energies are a symbol of the struggle between positive and negative chi energies. In feng shui, the dragon vs tiger power struggle has one ultimate goal, the balancing of these two opposing powers. The dragon and tiger meanings of yin female and yang male demonstrate the need for balance. When these energies are balanced, harmony can be created within your home environment and your life. The symbolism of the dragon , the celestial guardian of the east as an opponent of the tiger, has a long history in the Chinese culture. The opposition by the tiger sends a powerful message because the dragon has long represented the Chinese emperor and those of royal blood who claimed to be descendants of the god dragons. The white tiger is the celestial guardian of the west compass direction.

The Tao embodies the duality of the universe and the enlivening chi at work to balance opposing forces often represented by the tiger and dragon. Chinese mythology expresses these two forces of the Tiger and a Dragon , or yin and yang, as perfect complements. In feng shui, the dragon and tiger are important both inside and outside the house. The Tiger and Dragon are Celestial Animals, credited in Form School feng shui with complementary energy and special status in landscaping for well-being and good fortune. The Tiger represents the yin or female chi, the direction West, the color white, and the element metal. It is an embodiment of purpose and patience much as a tiger deliberately and patiently stalks its prey. Its power is coiled and hidden deep within but a tiger can spring into action with transformative, even deadly force at will.

The dragon is a powerfully yang creature, while the tiger, despite connotations of strength associated with yang, is regarded as a very yin creature. In fact the belief that the tiger is extremely yin is responsible for it being hunted almost to the point of extinction, because in China yin blood diseases were thought to be treatable by powdered tiger bone. Probably it is the wiliness and stealth of the tiger that made it yin, or the fact that the White Tiger constellation in the west is opposite the Azure Dragon constellation in the east.
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The Chinese philosophy of feng shui is over 3, years old, but still carries weight to this day. At the core of the feng shui teachings is the belief that everything in the universe is comprised of complementary equals -- the yin representing female qualities and the yang being the male qualities. The Chinese refer to this as the yin-yang theory. We have night, but we also have day. We have work, but we also have play. It is also called the law of the unity of opposites.

Write about mysteries that interest you. Did You Know? The tiger and dragon are celestial enemies! The white tiger constellation is to the west, and the azure dragon constellation to the east. Let us first understand the meaning of the yin yang symbol.


Are You a Dragon (Yin) or a Tiger (Yang)?



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