Bond between mother and child

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bond between mother and child

8 Ways to Improve Parent Child Relationship

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A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. In the animal world, the first bond between mother and child is that of scent. In nature, it is one of the ways that an animal is able to recognize its mother. In cases in which an animal has died while giving birth, farmers will often rub the baby animal with the placenta of another mother, which results in that mother accepting it as her own. However, the time in which this is possible is just two hours. To test whether the same was true of humans, Lee Salk , a child psychologist, separated mothers from their newborn babies for twenty-four hours after birth. Mothers that had been separated from their babies showed no preferred side for holding their babies.

A mother and her child both during pregnancy and after birth affect each other in ways that science is just beginning to discover. Here are some highlights from the latest research on the dramatic changes that begin to take place in both mother and baby starting at the moment of conception and continuing after birth, in addition to how their interactions can have lifetime benefits. Some of the areas affected control behaviors such as nesting and protecting the young. Besides the obvious physical changes a woman undergoes during pregnancy, her unborn baby also alters her immune system and impacts her nutrition:. Her body must be able to adequately nourish the new baby while assuring her own nutrition. Finally, the mother must adapt her motivational system to incorporate the care of a child who has numerous needs, yet is not able to demonstrate gratitude for the selfless acts of the mother. Bonding between a mother and her baby begins during pregnancy.

The bond between mother and child is created from the first day of conception. It just occurs naturally , creating an amazing bond that links a pregnant mom to their fetus. The consequences of this connection is a determining factor in the life of a child. If the bond is negative, the child might experience certain emotional deficiencies. Lack of affection and empathy towards a child can make the infant have trouble relating to others. On the contrary if the bond between mother and child is positive and healthy, the child is usually able to establish assertive relationships. Their self-esteem will remain intact and they will not have any problems at the moment of trying to achieve what they want.

5 Ways to Bond With Baby

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