Emma chamberlain and dolan twins

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Emma Chamberlain Is the Next... Something. What Is It?

emma chamberlain and dolan twins

James was the one who introduced the Dolan Twins and Emma. . And I can't wait to see your flash kick @_emmachamberlain keep being.

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The first thing you need to know about Emma Chamberlain is that you are late to Emma Chamberlain. It means to swaddle yourself an oversized teddy-fur hoodie, to not bother covering up your zits, to drive around drinking iced almond milk lattes. Actually so Emma. But her videos have been viewed more than million times , in part because Chamberlain is compulsively watchable and extremely canny. She has nearly 8 million subscribers, which places her well behind the controversial Paul brothers and well ahead of Olivia Jade at her peak. In her two years on YouTube, Chamberlain herself has seemed to resist gaming the algorithm with hashtags and corny clickbait titles.

Cue all of social media wondering if fellow influencer Ethan Dolan is the father. The year-old rose to internet fame with her weekly videos being her seemingly authentic self, or as close as you can get on YouTube.
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However, after all this, I reeeeeaaaally don't see them banding together again. James was the one who introduced the Dolan Twins and Emma. After the success of their first collab — which amassed almost 60 million views across their three channels — the Sister Squad was BORN! They regularly did collabs every couple of months, so this five-plus-month hiatus was noticed by the fans. Dressing each other up in outfits is pretty canon for the Sister Squad, so when the subscribers saw this video go up on their channel, they knew something was up. Could this, perhaps, be for a Sister Squad video sans James??

The fans of Sister Squad have been left in despair over the lack of activity from the popular group. Eventually, Grayson and Ethan asked him to do their Halloween makeup, solidifying their friendship. As for Chamberlain, Charles says he reached out to her first, too. Once she moved here, her and I worked together, and Ethan and Grayson just came over and thus was born the Sister Squad, the most iconic group ever of YouTube. Emma then answered the fans through her Instagram Story. A lot of people are concerned that I unfollowed my friends.

The Dolan Twins Are Following in Emma Chamberlain's Fashion Footsteps

ethma breakup officially confirmed by emma chamberlain and ethan dolan!!?!?







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