Boots and pants and boots and pants mall commercial

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The Secret to a Viral Ad? Just Make It Really, Really Terrible On Purpose

boots and pants and boots and pants mall commercial


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But maybe you think there aren't enough references to boots and pants and boots and pants? Here is a local commercial for the East Hills Mall in St. Joseph, Mo. It has everything you could want in a song about a place that holds both a Build-a-Bear and a Panda Express like:. It is unclear if he wanted it to go viral because it's so bad it will keep you up at night or because he thought it was a good?

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Joseph, Missouri , has got people talking. The commercial opens with a little girl singing the name of the mall. Her rendition appears to be slightly off-key. The rest of the spot features mall employees appealing to viewers simply by holding up certain items and singing their names. Come get your backpacks! In lieu of music, beatboxing can be heard in the background throughout the entire spot. The result is an offbeat commercial that seems to have struck a chord — or a nerve — online.

This Incredibly Cheesy Local Mall Commercial Is So Bad That It's Good

By Alexandra Klausner. The only thing worse than going back to school after a relaxing summer is watching a commercial about it deemed 'the worst commercial ever' by internet viewers.



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  1. A second 'worst' commercial for East Hills Shopping Center in St. Joseph ' Boots and pants,' says a mall worker with spiked blonde hair.

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