Spectacular and baby blue brothers

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Pretty Ricky

spectacular and baby blue brothers

Baby Blue and Spectacular are brothers and Slick'em is their cousin/adopted brother. They didn't clear up where Pleasure P stood in the family.

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It's also one of the things that Pretty Ricky say they do best - not one, but all four of them. As they have successfully made a name for themselves, they are currently on a mission to please their fans, city to city. Luckily, three of the brothers were available while Baby Blue was making sure that their label mates, Butta Creame, were adequately prepared for the show. Pleasure P: We [are] both composites of one another because I mean you got rappin' flavor, you got the singin' flavor mixed together. There's three rappers and one singer so you know it makes it different off [the] top. Yeah, I would say we're a bit of both. AHHA: What have you done differently from other groups that made your album debut at 1?

Matiu Workman, who was in the front row, told Stuff. We felt revolted and disgusted. Scroll down for video. American hip-hop group Pretty Ricky have caused outrage during a concert as they allegedly performed a 'live sex show' on stage. This image of band member Spectacular was taken during their current tour.

No, they are brothers. They share the same father. Spectacular and Baby Blue are Yes, Spectacular and Baby Blue. Spectacular,Slickem, and Baby Blue. There are five of them!! Pretty Ricky is a band of four brothers who go by musical pseudonyms: the rappers Slick 'Em, Baby Blue and Spectactular, and the crooner Pleasure.

Group member Spectacular spoke on the phone recently while the group was on the road in Arizona. Q How did you guys get the name Pretty Ricky? A We got the name from our fans. We used to go to school together, and they used to tease us with names, calling us Pretty Ricky. A Everybody got their names from their personalities. I was born with my name. Then you got Pleasure: He provides pleasure with his voice to the ladies.

Baby Blue and Spectacular are blood brothers. Cooper is the group's only singer; the others take roles as rappers. The band's name was taken from a character in Martin Lawrence 's comedy series, Martin. We wore fur in the summer when everyone else was in t-shirts," Pleasure explained. Pleasure P left the group in to embark on a solo career. Since then, Pretty Ricky has replaced the lead singer numerous times with ex-members 4Play, Mowet, and Lingerie.

Pretty Ricky spark outrage as band member tells fan to 'uncross her f****** legs'


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  1. The R&B Group Pretty Ricky Included Spectacular, His Brother ‘Baby Blue’ & His Cousin ‘Slick ‘Em’

  2. Pretty Ricky is an American R&B/hip hop group which originated from Miami, Florida. The group originally consisted of brothers Ala Diamond "Baby Blue" Smith and "Spectacular" Smith, Corey "Slick em" Mathis, and Marcus "Pleasure P " Cooper. Baby Blue and Spectacular are blood brothers.

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