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smith and wesson 4006 tsw

S&W 4006 TSW Review

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This is a watered-down version of the original 10mm Norma cartridge used in the FBI service pistol at the time. The original Norma loading was a grain bullet traveling nearly 1, fps. Further ballistic testing by the FBI caused a re-think about the needlessly for self defense against humans, anyway powerful round, which intimidated non-shooter Agents and beat up their pistols. The resulting Lite round propelled a grain pill at approximately fps. This now subsonic round did not make efficient use of the long Norma case. It was surmised that if one simply reduced the length of the case to 20mm, one could have a 9mm-size handgun that would be more easily wielded that the bulky 10mm pistols.

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By smithandwesson , March 4, in Handguns. Its not the new TSW model but the last model made. My first impression when I picked it up was it was built like a tank. Its made of all stainless steel and has been bead blasted for a finish. It has 3 dot adjustable sights that are white and glow in the dark. I fired a few different rounds through it to see what it liked and it seems that no matter what you feed it, its accurate and it wont jam or misfire. The groups I fired were offhand from 25ft.

Does this holster fit the california highway patrol smith and wesson tsw?
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The introduced the new. The model was a DAO double-action-only pistol in all stainless steel. The first 2 digits in the model number indicate caliber. The last digit, either a 3 or 6, indicates aluminum or stainless steel frame, respectively. Various safety features include a safety lever which blocks the firing pin from the hammer as well as a magazine safety which keeps the pistol from firing when no magazine is inserted.

LEO Trade-In Smith & Wesson 4006TSW .40SW Pistol

Smith & Wesson 4006 and History of 40 Cal Cartridge

The S&W Model is a semi-automatic handgun introduced by Smith & Wesson on January From possibly the mids until , the Atlanta Police Department used the TSW until replacing it with the Smith & Wesson M&P.
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