Beauty and the beast lingerie

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Now You Can Get Disney Princess-Themed Lingerie, Because Of Course You Can

beauty and the beast lingerie

Baci Lingerie BL968 Beauty Inside The Beast

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IF THE popularity of Disney movies is anything to go by, you're never too old to enjoy the characters. Well, we've already seen the bikini line so maybe this is the obvious follow. The underwear line has been launched by Yandy , and there are six sets available at the moment with several more in the works. Those desperate to get their hands on one have the choice of dressing like Evil Queen, Aurora, Elsa or Cinderella at the moment, with outfits seemingly inspired by Ariel from the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast's Belle in the offing. Although they aren't listed as specifically Disney inspired on the Yandy website, the store seems fine with the comparison.

Sometimes the dream of becoming a Disney Princess never quite goes away. We love our princess-themed makeup, princess-themed shoes and now we can love Disney Princess lingerie! The best part? These sets are super affordable on Yandy. The Disney princess collection was originally part of the Halloween section on Yandy. Who says you need a holiday as a reason to dress up?

Nowadays, you can get married in a Disney Princess-themed wedding dress, while you exchange Disney Princess-themed rings and dance to a Disney song at a Disney-themed reception. Well, you know what comes next, because you waited until marriage to have relations, right?! Well, if you didn't wait gasp! Bellemaison , a Japanese online retailer, is selling undergarments for the sexy Disney-lover in all of us. Are you a Cinderella kind of girl? A Belle devotee?

Fairytale Inspired Lingerie: Beauty & the Beast

Mademoiselle Fantasy Princess Lingerie Costume

Lingerie really lends itself to fairytales. Fairytales are whimsical and fanciful; lingerie often is too. I keep lists of lingerie I love, all categorised into different themes celestial, velvet, Halloween, retro and more. I started to notice a common theme popping up though I was starting to relate specific sets and pieces back to my favourite fables. First up: Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is a very accessible fairytale right now for everyone, what with the two Disney versions, one of which is very recent and features Emma Watson so is right at the forefront of the media, even as it comes up to two years old. As with most modern adaptations of fairytales, the original is far darker, with jealous siblings and a harsher curse imposed by a spurned fairy.

Japanese lingerie company Felissimo have some beautiful lingerie sets, and advertised some like our favourite Disney Princesses. We love the way this set looks like a shell bra, and the ocean colours are a perfect choice for anyone wanting to be a mermaid. Cinder's iconic blue dress is what all aspiring Disney Princesses look for, and this set perfectly matches the go-to colour for dressing as the famous Princess. An Egyptian Pharoah that oozes sexiness, we think these dark, sultry colours work perfectly for any Cleopatra fan. We did a bit more digging across the site and found these other gorgeous underwear sets that we think match your other favourite Disney Princesses too. The pink and purple colours make a gorgeous two-tone set, and totally match Rapunzel's outfit and simplistic beauty. A perfect match to Tiana's green and yellow dress, and would look absolutely stunning on anyone we reckon.



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