Lego ghostbusters ecto 1 and ecto 2 release date

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LEGO Announces Ghostbusters Ecto-1 & Ecto-2 Set for New movie

lego ghostbusters ecto 1 and ecto 2 release date

Lego Ghostbusters Ecto 1 - Ghostbusters 3 Teaser Celebration

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The first trailer quickly became the most disliked movie trailer on YouTube and the second trailer strikes me as particularly unfunny too. Oh dear. The goodie bag I received during my recent trip to Billund contained an early release copy of this set, which gives me the opportunity to review it. The instruction booklet also has a normal cover instead of the slightly stiffer cover used for the LEGO Ideas ECTO-1 set, which suggests that the new set is not so much aimed at collectors. Like the ECTO-1 booklet, this one does have short descriptions of the characters, which, given that they are new and largely unknown, is handy. Besides the booklet, the box contains four numbered bags of parts, with a few smaller bags with small parts inside them, and a small sticker sheet. Nothing unusual.

By Ben Furfie T The June date is timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the original Ghostbuster's release in the US. Lego has not given an exact date yet. The film's anniversary is June 7th. The set features the Ghostbuster's Ecto—1 car and all four members of the team, replete with their proton packs.

I have not seen the actual movie yet, but I really wanted to get this set. I needed a car for my Ghostbusters to get around town. LEGO has produced two versions of the Ecto 1, the original with the original cast, and the version with the cast. I already have the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters click here to read my review , which came with the original characters. Now, before anyone says anything, I do realize that the two teams are not contemporary.

Plus, a few spoilers! Lego released the first images of its "Ghostbusters" Ecto-1 and Ecto-2 set Friday, including minifigures of all four members of the new Ghostbusters team in director Paul Feig's reboot of the classic film. There are a few spoilers in this Lego set reveal, so if you want to remain in the dark, stop reading! Each minifig comes with a couple of different heads for each character, as well as special ghostbusting gear including the usual ghost traps and proton packs. While the Ecto-1 car is especially souped up to fight specters, we also get quite a few clues to things that might happen during the upcoming " Ghostbusters " film, due to hit theaters July

This product absolutely astonished me to how similar it is to the ecto 1 in the movie and i loved every moment of the build from the unboxing to placing the last piece and my excitement never dropped throughout the build, the ecto 2 was just the icing on the cake as it was better than expected, i think that the set could have been improved by adding a few extra pieces to the ecto 2 but it is understandable with the lack of space on the bike. Very well done LEGO and what a build it is and thank you to the designer of this truly amazing set. Ever since the release and relaunch of the franchise Ghostbusters, everyone had mixed reviews. Everyone was a bit harsh on this film, but everyone so far can agree this Lego set on the new film was a great pick up! SO lets start off Minifigures: We got all 5 of our main cast from this film, and each is given a great amount of detail.

LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 & Ecto-2 review

The contents of the box includes four numbered bags, one instruction booklet, and a small sticker sheet., The revised version of the iconic Ghostbusters vehicle also comes with the entire main cast of the new Ghostbusters movie that will be in cinemas in July The set features a massive lineup of minifigures, which includes the four new female Ghostbusters, a demonic-looking Imp as well as Kevin, the new Ghostbusters receptionist.

Ghostbusters LEGOs: Ecto 1, Ecto 2 set now available to buy

A couple of the most significant differences are that in the first movie the Ecto-1 was based on an ambulance and in the second movie a traditional hearse, and in the first movie all the Ghostbusters heroes were male and in the second movie they are female. The demon is getting away! Pack the gear into the rear of the Ecto-1, start up the engine and help the Ghostbusters heroes get ready for a thrilling hot pursuit. Take aim and zap Mayhem to contain him in the trap or help Kevin join the fight on the Ecto-2 motorbike! Battle the flying phantom or role-play other fun scenes from the Ghostbusters movie. The two versions of the Ecto-1 are actually quite similar in size, but there are some definite improvements on the newer one.

It's been seven decades since the first Lego bricks debuted, and we've all come a long way in terms of what we can build with them. It's fair to say they've become a creative outlet for children and adults alike. People who grow up playing with these colourful building blocks have been able to put together some truly mind-blowing builds. From an Apollo 11 replica to a life-sized VW camper, here's a taste of some of the biggest, coolest, and most impressive Lego creations ever. We plan to update this regularly, so keep checking back for more crazy Lego projects.



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