Kenny rogers and lionel richie

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Lionel Richie Shares Story Behind Kenny Rogers’ Hit “Lady” And It Involves a Bathroom

kenny rogers and lionel richie

Lionel Richie And Kenny Rogers Lady watch this aswell

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Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers may seem like two unlikely friends, but they actually share a stronger connection than you realize. It all started with a song. As you can see in the video above, Rogers and Richie have maintained their friendship for decades. However, Richie will tell you right now that he will never, ever go on vacation with Rogers again. During a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live , Richie brought up the fact that he once went on vacation with Rogers, but that he will never do so again. As Richie explained, the two of them were getting ready to go out on a boat when a storm started brewing:.

Published: March 13, Lionel Richie will never go on vacation with Kenny Rogers again following a disastrous experience in The Bahamas. The Dancing on the Ceiling singer is good friends with the country music star and they once went on holiday together in the s. However, Lionel has never vacationed with his pal again, as their first trip was enough to put him off for life. All the ships are coming in… we are going out to sea. The coastguard shows up.

Lionel Richie has vowed to never, ever, go on holiday with Kenny Rogers again. The legendary singer revealed to late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel that he had a disastrous experience in the Bahamas with country star Kenny back in the s. The pair remain close friends, but Lionel Richie doesn't expect to go abroad with Kenny any time soon! All the ships are coming in… we are going out to sea. The coastguard shows up.

When Lionel Richie hits the stage at Billboard's annual showcase at South By Southwest tonight, he'll be joined by Kenny Rogers , a man he calls his "mentor" and "the most important person" in the launching of the second stage of his career.
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It is listed at 60 on Billboard's All Time Top The song was written and produced by Lionel Richie , recorded in , and ranks among Kenny Rogers's biggest hits. The success of "Lady" also boosted Richie's career. The production work on the song was his first outside the Commodores and foreshadowed his success as a solo act during the s. Rogers was also a featured vocalist on " We Are the World ", co-written by Richie.

Kenny Rogers to Join Lionel Richie at Billboard's SXSW Showcase

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  1. It's hard to believe, but one of Kenny Rogers' biggest songs first appeared as an extra track on his Greatest Hits album, an album that.

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