Johnson and johnson baby products

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J&J baby shampoo samples fail Indian quality test; company rejects findings

johnson and johnson baby products

10 Best Baby Products from Johnsons & Johnsons with Price in India - 2017

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Indeed, Johnson's has always gone the extra mile to ensure that all of the fragrances and ingredients used in its products have gone through rigorous testing to ensure the highest level of safety—fragrance ingredients follow International Fragrance Association global standards , as well as the company's own five-step safety assurance process. Curious to learn more about the brand's recently relaunched and new products? Read on for five reasons parents can feel good about reaching for the brand's iconic baby shampoos, washes and more. Putting parents and their little ones first comes naturally to Johnson's. That's why the brand listened when moms and dads asked for shampoos, lotions and other baby products containing more naturally derived ingredients.

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All Johnson and Johnson baby care products under the scanner in India

According to people aware of the matter, the shampoo samples revealed presence of Formaldehyde, which is a known cancer causing chemical. According to a report published in Forbes magazine in , the U.

Johnson's Baby

Not one product will be going back on the shelf the same as before; all existing formulas have been redeveloped, lists of ingredients have been cut by half, and up to 50 new products will be on sale by the end of February, too. And when we tested it on consumers, it was really popular. The special scent is also scientifically proven to elevate the emotional bond between parent and baby, assisting with less stressful bathtimes, as well as infant development and emotional growth. Where once a sticky seal on a packet of wipes would be so flimsy that all its contents dried out, these new designs feature a sturdy plastic lid, which opens at the press of a button. Wipes can be pulled out without a fuss, and to close the packet again, parents simply need to press the lid down again and clip it shut. All the new products have also been specifically designed to fit into four age categories, from newborns, active babies on the move, independent toddlers and, of course, the original classics.

The brand dates back to when Johnson's Baby Powder was introduced. Product line consists of baby powder , shampoos , body lotions , massage oil, shower gels and baby wipes. The brand has reputation for making baby products that are "exceptionally pure and safe" since at least the s. Johnson's Baby Powder was an invention of Dr. Frederick B. Kilmer , company's first director of scientific affairs. Kilmer suggested to use scented Italian talcum powder to mitigate the irritation and sent a can to the doctor.


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