Parks and rec best moments

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24 of Andy Dwyer’s Greatest Moments on Parks and Rec

parks and rec best moments

Best of Tom Haverford - Parks and Recreation

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When the NBC sitcom signs off tonight, we'll be left with just memories of Pawnee and its plucky heroine. But oh what memories they will be! Parks and Recreation created several scenes and characters that will stand the test of time. No matter the number of times viewed, these scenes are now classic and should be considered a great legacy for the beloved series. From Leslie's hamming it up to the crowd while walking on ice to Champion peeing on Ron, Andy's fall and of course the music of Gloria Estefan Leslie Knope's temper tantrum Iconic. The scene that spawned a million GIFs and endeared the character to so many.

The cult classic American sitcom about local government ran for seven years, introducing viewers to iconic characters such as Leslie Knope, Andy Dwyer and, most of all, Ron Swanson. What started as a show full of talented people not quite sure what they wanted to do became one of the all-time best series in its second year once the show's creators, including star Amy Poehler, settled on being the happiest thing on TV. It is remarkable that a series so full of friendship, love and other gooey things was never cloying, and that's because it was, above all else, hilarious.
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Erin Whitney. Leslie: Every moment Leslie is on screen is a great one, but this season she got a little more dedicated to the job. James in shaving cream, taught senior citizens how to put on condoms, turned an old video store into a porn shop, and fake killed Pawnee in an emergency drill. Only Leslie. Ron: This season we discovered a new side of the man who hides his emotions: Ron Nick Offerman in love. Not that the poor guy ever had a chance to show his soft side before with Tammy I or II, but when he met Diane Lucy Lawless , a tough single mother oddly similar to Ron, he finally let his guard down. No one saw that coming — except maybe those who spotted some foreshadowing when her bachelorette party for Leslie was littered in penis decorations.

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Over seven incredibly consistent seasons of Parks and Recreation , creators Greg Daniels and Michael Schur —along with an A-list creative team and one of the best ensemble casts in sitcom history—founded a living, breathing community of oddballs and eccentrics, a town where the breakfast food is to die for if you can make it past the raccoon packs. What started as an offshoot of The Office with a Midwestern twist quickly turned into a live-action cartoon, a carousel of recurring characters that each could have gotten a spinoff if they pitched it loud enough at a public forum. And at the center was the Parks Department, a group of workplace associates turned friends turned family. The deadpan loner Aubrey Plaza and the hapless oaf Chris Pratt fell in love at the shoe-shine stand. The mustachioed curmudgeon in the corner office Nick Offerman learned to care about more than meat. Donna Meagle Retta came to live for more than a Mercedes, and Tom Haverford Aziz Ansari — real-life unpleasantness notwithstanding—journeyed from man-child to child-sized man.

We finally got to see what everyone was up to in , and things definitely didn't turn as expected. Old friends are now enemies, there were two awesome cameos and a decent amount of spontaneous nudity. Here's what happened:. Image via Tumblr. US Edition US. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons.

These were some of our favorite moments; read on and try not to cry, you beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk oxen. Spoilers abound, of course:. Admire it all with us:. We recently saw Ron become fast friends with his new barber, Typhoon, and apparently bonding over the ridiculousness of Europeans really stuck. He really is the supportive feminist male figure that nerd culture desperately needs. Punk-ass book jockeys. She lands Ron his perfect job as director of the Pawnee National Park, which gave us this perfect moment:.

Parks and Recreation didn't come out of the gate as one of the best sitcoms of the last decade, but, over the course of seven seasons and episodes, the citizens of Pawnee, Indiana, amassed a loyal fanbase in some pretty unexpected ways. In a world packed with cynicism about government and the people that run it, the NBC comedy endures not only for being funny, but for providing hope that, with the right public servants in place especially at the local level , America can be a truly nice place to live, quirky high jinx and all. For a series as uneven yet frequently brilliant as Parks and Rec , singling out the top 25 episodes can be a challenging feat. However, if there's one thing that Leslie and the gang proved, it's that anything can be done if you just find your team and get to work. Season 1, Episode 4 A running theme throughout Parks and Recreation is the uphill battle women face trying to make it in a government largely run by men. When Leslie and Ann try to crash the guys' regular party, she opens up a gift basket filled with wine to keep the party going.

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  2. 23 Hilarious "Parks And Rec" Moments That'll Make You Cry With . When Jean Ralphio was simultaneously the best and worst person. NBC.

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